15 Minutes Rule to Supercharge Your Self-Improvement

You can supercharge your self-improvement by following the 15 minutes rule.

Follow the “15-Minutes Rule” to supercharge your growth.

Stay with me to show you, how by following the 15 minutes rule, you can supercharge your self-improvement.

The 15 minutes rule helps you to control your daily life with more awareness.

The 15 minutes rule refers to the power of small changes.

This rule helps you to control your actives, your habits, and your daily life with much more awareness.

If you take a little time to make a change but repeat it every day, that habit will be instilled in you sooner.

The 15- minutes rule states that if you make small changes in your life but stick to them, you’ll get better and faster results.

Small and continuous changes have the power to create an entirely different future for you.

So, according to this rule, you should be stick to doing your task for 15 minutes per day.

If you reduce 15 minutes per day from your unimportant tasks, you will have great success in a few years.

Wit this rule, we want to keep our self-discipline for 15 minutes per day.

For example, if you spend 15 minutes a day learning a new language, it would be more effective than taking a course once a week.

If you study for 15 minutes per day and engage your gray cells in your mind, you’ll achieve great learning advances.

The power of small changes in life is often ignored, even it has one of the most important effects on our lives.

Of course, we cannot change a habit only in 15 minutes or achieve a big success only in 15 minutes.

What we want to do is, keep our self-discipline for 15 minutes per day.

Successful people believe on the power of small changes in the life.

Most people think that significant steps must be taken to make big changes. With this mindset, they are always lazy and procrastinating to take big actions with great effort. They also have inner fear to take a big step.

Successful people in the world believe that big success cannot be achieved overnight and not by taking big actions.

They know it is the power of small changes that can bring them closer to success.

Three steps to apply the 15 minutes rule in your life

The first step of applying the 15-minute rules in your life is to choose a goal or a skill for your personal development.  So, in particular:

Follow this 3 steps to apply the 15 minutes rule in your life.
  • Step 1: Pick one task or activity that you would like to make it as one of your habits or the task that you always procrastinate to do it.
  • Step 2: Set a timer for 15 minutes, for example, with your handy.
  • Step 3: Work on your task for 15 minutes until the timer rings.

The beauty of the 15-minutes rule is that it is too short that you never procrastinate that you do not have time for delaying it.

Believe in the power of small steps to achieve your big goal.
Believe in the power of small steps to achieve your big goal.

15-minutes is a very short time that sometimes it does not even feel like passing.

We all have 15 minutes of extra time per day that we waste.

We can turn them into a golden time using the 15-minutes rule, and at the end of the year, we will be surprised to see our own changes.

Remember that achieving big goals is often a series of small steps.

A Small Tip for using the 15-minutes rule in your life

Award yourself whenever you follow the 15 minutes rule to supercharge your self-improvement

I also have a small tip for you:

If it is hard for you to follow this rule, especially in the first days, think about awarding yourself.

Decide it beforehand, whenever you follow these 15 minutes rule, after that, you award yourself with something small or big.

I usually award myself by drinking my special coffee with chocolate when I read 15 minutes of my German book.

The trickery of the 15-minutes rule is by using this rule, you force yourself to “getting started.”

So, you would be able to start your task simply.

The trick is, as always, when you start to do a task, you would not stop it after 15 minutes.

For example, if your procrastinated task is to read one of your books, when you start to read, you will not probably stop it after 15 minutes, because, as usual, you are in deep reading of your book, and you would probably like to continue it.

Depend on the task that you selected, you can follow this rule even more than 15 minutes, but stick to it, to don’t make it less than 15 minutes.

This rule helps me a lot to improve my German language.

Also, I was always lazy to do sport, but this rule puts me forward to include more exercises in my life, by starting 15 minutes of fast walking.

Do you want to make big changes in your life? Do you want to write a book or losing weight? Are you suffering from procrastination? So start them with 15 minutes per day. 

If you spend 15 minutes on self-improvement, at the end of the year, you will ultimately see and feel the massive change in yourself.

Please share with me, how the “15-minutes rule” helps you to accomplish major and minor goals in your life.

So, stop procrastinating now and simply give it a try.

Watch my video to find more about the 15 minutes rule if you want to supercharge your self-improvement.

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