Loose or gain weight with the law of attraction: 16 steps + 19 exercises (Part 1)

Use the law of attraction to lose or gain weight. Here are 16 steps toward manifesting your dream body. Here, you learn the first 8 steps+ 9 practical exercises.

Manifest your dream Body

16 steps + 19 Exercises to lose or gain weight

“Foods are light and information.”

Have you ever wondered why some people are always at their ideal weight, despite how much food or which food they eat?

Can you imagine this world for yourself:

  • Eat whatever you want
  • Eat as much as you want, until you are full,
  • You never feel hungry
  • Your weight is always constant and ideal

Do you want to enter this world once and for all and stay in it?

So stay with me to show you how.

These steps are very simple, if you do them correctly, you will be amazed at the miracle that happens to you.

Until now, you may blame your overweight problem on your genetics, or you think the problem is related to your big bone skeleton. Maybe you blamed it on your last pregnancy. Or did you blame your thinness on your Thyroid gland?

You have been preoccupied with these lies for years. Stop it now and accept that the only culprit of overweight / thinness is in your thoughts and your mind.

You have to accept the fact that whatever you eat or not, it does not affect your weight.

Your mindset dominates your body, not the food you eat.

Before we start, I want to point out that this article is for both people who want to lose weight and people who want to gain weight with the law of attraction. I wrote in most of my sentences to overweight people, but all of them can also be addressed to thin people.

So, let’s start with these 16 steps and 19 practical exercises to lose or gain weight with the help of the law of attraction.

Step 1: Want Your Dream Body

The first step to manifest your dream body is that you really WANT your dream body. Aren’t you tired of being dissatisfied with your weight all the time or for many years?

The idea of a world where I eat everything I want, I do not starve, I do not follow a strict diet, and I am always at my ideal weight, was so excited for me that I could not give up. That’s why I started doing these steps that I am sharing with you here.

Encourage yourself to have strong willpower to manifest your desired weight

But the first step for you is with all your being, you want your desire weight (you want to lose weight and be thin- or gain weight and be always in a good form). At this moment, you should want to have your dream body. If you do that, you would do all your best to manifest your dream weight and you will follow the other steps and exercises that I am showing you. If you do not have a strong will for this desire, and you only WISH to have it, then you are in an illusion and fantasy world. With all your being, decide now and WANT to make your desire weight come true. You can turn it from a wish into a reality. Be sure, this is possible with the law of attraction.

To increase your will, I have an exercise for you. Before that, I have a question. How many times in your life you start to do something but you did not achieve the desired result, then you blame yourself for being a loser? No, you are not a loser. You have an amateur will. The good news is that gaining willpower is learnable like anything else. So, turn your amateur willpower into a professional one with this exercise:

Exercise 1- Encourage yourself to have strong willpower to manifest your desired weight

In this article, I am showing you 18 different more exercises. Doing all of them has a big effect on achieving your dream weight. You should have the willpower and desire to be able to do them. To do this, I suggest that you first make a list of your daily activities, and try to eliminate two or three meaningless items, and instead at this time do the exercises mentioned in the next steps. You should have time for these exercises in your daily life. You need to make space for them.

Encourage yourself to stay with one of these following exercises:

Prepare a board and some small pieces of colored paper. Stick one of those papers to your board each time you do one exercise. (If it is difficult for you to prepare a board, just stick those papers on a wall, in the place that you see them routinely.)

This will make your mind feel happier. It tells you: you did it; you could do it (exercise);  you have strong willpower; with this willpower, you will definitely lose or gain weight, as you want it.

Alternatively, you can prepare a piggy bank. Every time that you do one of the next exercises, put one euro in it. One day, break that piggy bank and buy yourself something new that you like. Literally, give yourself a gift.

If you are using a board, I suggest you write a piece of encouragement text on the colored paper. For example, write: I’m proud of myself for being able to do this exercise. Well done, keep continue. I am on the way to manifest my dream weight.

This board or piggy bank shows you that you want to reach your dream weight and you have the willpower. It shows you how committed and successful you have been. It gives you a greater sense of accomplishment and can motivate you to keep continue harder and strengthen your willpower.

Every time you stick a piece of paper on your board or a coin in your piggy bank, close your eyes and imagine that your willpower is more than the day before.

After a while, when you look at that board or piggy bank, you will be proud of yourself for being strong-willed, insist, and more confident. You believe that your will is growing every day from the day before, and it is so.

Step 2: Find Your Inner Resistances

One-tenth (1/10) of you is the conscious mind, and nine-tenths (9/10) of you is the unconscious mind. If your conscious mind wants one thing but your unconscious mind wants something else, know that your unconscious mind wins. That is, if you want to be thin in your conscious mind, but your unconscious mind wants you to be fat, because your unconscious mind has 9 times more power, then your unconscious desire comes true.

If you consciously want to be thin but now you are fat, then the problem is in your unconscious mind. So you have to find the reason why your unconscious mind has such a desire.

Find your inner resistance- Ask yourself, why do you want to be fat, then wait for the answer.

With that in mind, I want you to think about why your unconscious mind wants you to be fat (if you have an overweight problem) – or thin (if you are too skinny). I consider these reasons as inner resistances. Generally, the unconscious mind has the task of protecting you. To do its job, it may want to keep you fat to protect you with extra layers of your body. Maybe your unconscious mind also thinks that if you are fat (and big), you can show yourself to others strong, not naïve and weak. Maybe for you who are very thin, the inner resistance is that your unconscious mind wants you to attract the pity feeling and more attention for others. These are a few examples, you have to find your inner resistances. Only, if you know them, you can work on them.

I found my inner resistance to being fat. My unconscious mind – for whatever reasons in my past – thinks that in one day food will be scarce and famine, so now it wants to store more food in my body that if one day there is no food, my body can use the stored one. Once I was shopping in a supermarket, I realized that I was buying a lot more things I needed to store at home because I was afraid of famine. At that point, I realized that I have the same mindset and do this by eating a lot of food. I always eat more than I really need. I mean, I always force myself to eat the last few bites of my food, even when I’m full. I’m afraid that these foods will be digested quickly and I will be hungry again a few hours later and then I will not be able to find another food to eat again.

You should find your inner resistance in your unconscious mind that does not let you manifest your dream weight and body. To do this, follow this exercise:

Exercise 2 – Find your inner resistance to being fat (or too skinny)

Take a white sheet. Write this question in it:

My unconscious mind: Why do you want to be fat?

(if you are too skinny, write: My unconscious mind: why do you want to be thin?)

Then write down all the answers that come to you. Just write them, do not resist, do not analyze, do not be afraid, be honest. At this point we just want to know them, so write anything that comes to your mind.

Step 3: Hear Your Inner Voices or Self-talks

You need to find out what are your self-talks and self-definitions before you do anything else.

I remember before my dream-body manifestation process, at every moment I told to myself, why am I so fat. Wow, I’m always fat. Uh God, why am I fat? My inner voice always said: I am FAT. When I think at all times that I am fat, it means that I send to the world the frequency that I am fat and the world returns the same to me.

Listen to your inner voice or self-talk carefully.

My inner voice told me I am fat, and I always kept that definition. And as a result, I was always fat.

One of the laws of physics says that our energy and thoughts have a magnetic property, that is, they absorb something similar (in the same frequency). When all my inner thoughts (self-talk) and frequencies focus that I am fat, then according to the law of physics, I can only attract a fat body.

Exercise 3: Listen to your self-talk and take notes

Put a blank white paper on your desk. During the day, listen to the sounds that are going on inside you, I mean your self-talk. Every time you hear one (regarding your weight problem), write it down quickly on this paper. While eating, you may hear a voice saying to you: Wow, how much you eat, you eat so much even when you are fat. Or when you see yourself in a mirror, a voice inside you says, uh how fat my legs are. You hear these self-talks on different occasions during the day. So be patient and try to complete that paper on your desk in one or two day(s).

By listening to these self-talks, you will see what definitions you have about yourself. Just write them down at this point.

Step 4: Analyze your Definitions

When you hear your inner voices and make a list of them, then you are completely aware of your own definitions of yourself. Now is the time to rewrite and redefine them. But before you do that, you need to analyze them.

I will introduce you three categories of definitions:

  1. Induced definition: It means that this definition was instilled in you by others and is not your own definition. For each definition you wrote for yourself in the previous step, ask yourself: Is this definition really my own one? If you look closely, you realize that you hear that definition for the first time from other people in your family or friends at school. And because of their repetition, you have gradually instilled that definition in yourself, and now you believe that this definition is your own. But, now you are conscious, so, it is time to re-evaluate them.
  2. Wrong definition: it means, a definition that now with your current knowledge and awareness is wrong. Some of these definitions that you have about yourself right now are not true anymore. You may have formed those definitions for yourself from the past when you may not have had a good understanding of life or yourself. If you pay close attention to them, you will see that with the knowledge and awareness you have now, those definitions are not correct. For example, a misconception you formed about yourself is that your arms are ugly. Is the criterion you set for ugliness still valid?
  3. Contradictory definition: it means, this definition is against manifesting your desired weight, it is the opposite of it. From the list of definitions that you prepared it already, even if some of them are correct and are your own definitions, keeping them makes you far from attracting your dream body. For example, if I always keep the definition that I am fat, I cannot manifest to lose weight. So, at this stage, identify all the definitions that are contradictory to your dream body. We will redefine them in the next step.

Exercise 4: Analyze the definitions of yourself

Take the paper you prepared in the previous step. Mark each sentence with one of three categories: induced definition, wrong definition, contradictory definition.

Analyze the definitions of yourself if you want to attract your dream body.

Step 5: Rewrite and Redefine

It is very clear that the definitions that we marked in the previous step as induced, wrong, and contradictory need to be rewritten if you want to manifest your dream weight (loose or gain weight).

To do this, I suggest the following exercise.

Exercise 5: Rewrite your definitions

Now it is time to redefine the definitions that you prepared and analyzed in the previous steps.

For those sentences that you marked them as the contradictory definition, write the opposite definition in front of them. For example:

I’m fat. – opposite definition – I’m thin.

For those sentences marked by wrong definitions, write your correct definition in front of it. For example:

My arms are very ugly. – wrong definition – My arms are so beautiful and sexy.

For the definitions that have been induced to you, write in front of them that they no longer dominate you. Write:

I will not allow this definition to dominate me anymore.

We will refer to this list later in step 10.

Rewrite and redefine your definitions if you want to manifest your dream body.

Step 6: Be in peace with your body

You may have put your body under a lot of suffering so far. You hated it. You hide it on many occasions. You felt ashamed of your body. You were angry with your body. You sent it only a hate feeling. You let your body starve by various diets.

Stop doing these things NOW.

Love your body and be in peach with your body to manifest your dream weight.

Be at peace with your body. Accept it as it is. Love it. Be thankful that your body has worked for you properly and in perfect health all these years. When you send love to your body, your body will be in perfect harmony and beauty for you.

Exercise 6: send love to your body

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and just think about your breathing. Go to your heart center. Extend love from your heart. Send this feeling to each part of your body with each inhale and exhale. Let this love reach your legs, arms, abdomen, and all parts of your body. Love every part of your body. Be thankful for them. I suggest doing this exercise for ten minutes daily.

Let love do magic for you.

Step 7: Increase the Belief of YOU CAN DO IT

Do you believe that you can have your desired weight? Do you believe that you can always maintain your ideal weight?

If you do not believe in doing this, then you cannot manifest it. Do this exercise to increase your belief that YOU CAN DO IT:

You can do manifest your dream body, just believe it.

Exercise 7: You can lose weight (- gain weight)

Help yourself to accept that this is possible. Was there a time when you were at your ideal weight?

 If yes, then believe that it is possible now that you can have your dream weight again, because you had it once in the past, so you can have it again now. Know that it is possible. Find a picture of yourself at that time and make several copies of it and place it in front of the mirror, on your desk, and in the places where you spend most of your time. I even suggest you put this photo as your mobile wallpaper. Doing this exercise is very important so that when you see yourself at this desired weight again and again during the day, your mind will gradually stop believing that it could not be done. Doing this exercise is very important because it reminds you many times per day that this is possible. It was already possible and it can happen again, like before.

 If not, is there anyone in this world who is in your age and size but with your favorite weight? If so, believe that if something in this world is possible for someone else, it will be possible for you, too. If you can, take a picture of that person and place it in different places of your home.

Every time you look at the photo you have chosen, tell yourself, I believe this is possible and I can achieve it.

Write for yourself and repeat aloud that I CAN DO IT.

Step 8: Find Your Limiting Beliefs

In your unconscious mind for years there has been a belief that the calories of the foods cause you to be fat. Over the years, with thousands of training programs in the media, you have believed that if you eat a lot, you will gain weight.

Find your limiting beliefs if you want to lose weight with the law of attraction.

Have you ever wondered if these thoughts are true why most diets, diets that force you to eat less, do not result in losing weight for many? Why many diets fail or their results only stay for a short time?

Let’s look at this example:

A construction worker burns an average of 350-400 calories per hour for his work. So, with eight hours of work, he consumes 2800 calories. A typical human consumes about 2,000 calories during the day for other physical and mental activities at the rest time or at night. So, a construction worker consumes about 2800 + 2000 calories a day. To get that amount of calories back, he should eat more than 4,800 calories per day, which is a very, very large amount. It means he should have a lot of heavy meals, but he does not do that because the heavy portion cannot let him work. So, in your general belief, if he burns so many calories a day but does not get it back, he must be very, very thin, because he can not cover his daily calorie intake. But there are almost no construction workers who are thin. With this example, I wanted to warn you that calorie patterns and their metabolism, and their relationship to whether you are fat or thin are wrong.

Maybe you are also focusing on other limiting beliefs. For example, being fat is genetic, if your family members have overweight, then you will automatically become fat. For years, with this limiting belief, you planned your unconscious mind to do it for you. Have you ever seen that in a family where all of them are fat, there is a thin family member? So why that person was not under the genetics of that family, maybe this is not a genetic issue at all.

The issue is only a mindset belief.

Exercise 8: Identify your limiting beliefs

Write down a list of limiting beliefs you have. We need this list in step 10. For example, your limiting belief may be that:

  • High-calorie foods make me fat
  • Too much food causes me to be fat
  • My inactivity and not burning calories make me fat
  • Whatever I do, my belly always has extra fat
  • I inherited my genetics and no matter what I do, I am fat

Exercise 9: Prepare to let go of your limiting beliefs

Your limiting beliefs have dominated you for years. You have to show yourself that you no longer want these beliefs to dominate you. To get rid of your old and wrong patterns, as Louise Hay suggests, you should say out loud several times a day:

I am willing to release this pattern and this belief.

e.g., I am willing to release all patterns and beliefs about the calories of the foods.

When you say such a thing out loud many times, your higher-self shows you the solutions to get rid of them. All you have to do is say out loud that you no longer want to be in control of them. Then just trust yourself and wait for the changes.

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