Lack Mindset: How to Let Go

Lack of mentality

In this article, you will learn about how to let go of the lack mindset. Then you will learn about activities rooted in the lack. You also will learn about examples and signs of lack of mentality to see whether it resonates with you. So lots of information about lack mindset is here for you!

Lack Mindset: How to Let Go (6 Tips)

6 tips to let go of lack of mindset.
6 tips to let go of lack of mindset.

When you focus on something you feel lacking in your life, you’ll reinforce lack or scarcity. Instead of focusing on everything you don’t have, expend your gratitude for what you have now. There are more tips for you to let go of the lack mindset.

1. Adopt an acceptance mindset

When negative thoughts about what you lack pop up in your mind, instead of saying:
“I am not going to think about this & I ignore this thought and feeling.”
say instead:
“I do feel this way, and it’s valid. But this doesn’t have to dominate me”.

Accepting your current situation will make you feel at peace with your life. A peaceful mind can move you forward to achieve more incredible things.

2. Change your circle

If you want to let go of the lack mindset, the easiest way is to stay away from those people who point out only the missing things in your life.

3. Do what gives you the joy to let go of lack mindset

Live your life with joy and happiness because everything is energy and vibration. Staying on high-elevated vibrations helps you to receive more blessings.

4. Stop overthinking & hyper-focusing

If you focus on what is missing in your life most of the time, you’ll assume things will never change, and you are not able to put yourself in a better situation.

5. Reframe your thought

Instead of thinking I cannot have it, change your thought to: I can have it.

Sometimes you can indeed achieve the things you miss in your life, but you need to reframe your thoughts and believe in yourself that you can have them. Then you will take aligned actions to get that. But, if you always keep saying: that is not for me, I can’t have that, this never works for me, and so on, you will be in a victim role and feel pity for yourself.

6. Focus on what you have, not on lack

The things you have right now can give you joy, fun, and happiness if you do not ignore them in your life. Be grateful for what you have now. Gratitude is the fastest way to change your vibration and put you in the receiver mode.

You can replace LACK with ABUNDANCE mindset. Read more in my previous article about how to develop an abundance mindset (17 amazing ways).

Activities Rooted in the Lack Mentality

Stop activities that are rooted in the lack.
Stop activities that are rooted in the lack.

We always do different activities per day. Aligned-based activities and those who move us toward our goals are amazing. But when we have a lack mindset, we do a set of wired activities.

Some of our daily activities are rooted in a lack of mentality. So, be more conscious about which of your activities come from a lack of mindset. If you discover them, you do 50% of the job. Then, have the courage to stop doing them. Here are 8 examples of those activities rooted in the lack to help you to discover more about them:

1. Wanting and wishing

Yes, wanting and wishing (again and again) are based on a lack of mindset. To understand it better, answer these questions:
What do you do when you lack a specific thing in your life?
You want and wish for it!
What do you do when you already have a specific thing in your life?
You enjoy the feeling of having it.
So, wanting and wishing is a lack-based activity.

2. Sending out “I do not have” frequency

When you want something, you send this frequency to the world: I do not have it!

And what you would receive back is the same as you send it out (based on the law of attraction).

So next time, instead of wanting again and sending the lack frequency in the world, stay quiet for a moment. Then ask yourself, how would I feel now if I already have it? Then stay on those feelings more and expand them to the world. Your feelings will do the magic.

3. Talking all the time about the things you feel you lack in your life.

In your daily life, how oft you keep talking about what is missing in your life? When you describe again and again to the people around you the things you feel lack in your life, you are showing that your main focus is on the lack, and nothing else in your life is important.

With such an activity, you keep sending a lack of vibration to the universe. Instead, next time when you start a conversation with a friend, try to talk and focus on what you have now in your life.

4. Controlling the result is based on lack mindset

When you control and force the outcome, you are in a place of doubt and lack. You remind yourself you do not have those things currently, and it is not clear if you get them or not, so you must take more action to do something to achieve your desired result and outcome. Why not feel you already have your desire and then let it go and trust the process? This is much better than controlling and makes you close to your desire.

5. Blaming others or circumstances for everything you feel you miss in your life

You have the main role in everything you have or have not in your life. Accept your responsibility, and instead of blaming others, take the next action.

When you blame others (and even yourself), you send negative vibrations and emphasize the things you feel you lack.

6. Complaining is the act of lack mindset

Whenever you start to complain about why things in your life are like this, be aware that you are acting based on the lack. Complaining is a lack-based activity that rewires your subconscious mind for negativity.

7. Taking fear-based actions

Some actions you take are based on fear. Instead of taking fear-based actions, choose to take actions based on faith in a place of abundance, not lack.

8. Doing more

No matter what you have done so far, you always believe it is not enough and you need to do more. So, doing more is a lack-based activity. At some point, you need to know that you did enough, then let it go and trust the process.

Whenever you find yourself doing some of these lack-based activities, try to stop them!

Lack Mindset: 4 Examples

4 Examples of lack of mentality.
4 Examples of lack of mentality.
  1. You feel underserved and guilty if you achieve something good.
  2. You compare yourself with others to conclude that you don’t have enough good things.
  3. You believe you can’t have certain things.
  4. You believe nothing better (than this) is coming to you.

9 Signs of Lack of Mindset

Lack of mentality- 9 signs
Lack of mentality- 9 signs
  1. Your main focus is on what is missing in your life.
  2. You love playing a victim role and do not accept your responsibility.
  3. You rush to get what you want.
  4. You do not celebrate your success because you immediately focus on what hasn’t happened yet and what else you should do.
  5. You are fighting for resources because you believe they are limited.
  6. You compete with others.
  7. You feel small and don’t dream big.
  8. You expect more from others.
  9. You blame others, circumstances, and conditions for anything going not good in your life.

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