13 Facts That Master You in Shifting to Your Desired Reality

13 Facts That Master You in Shifting to Your Desired Reality

In this article, I aim to help you gain a new understanding of the nature of your reality. I will guide you to consciously shift to your desired reality because you deserve to be there. Here, I explain 13 fundamental facts that master you in reality shifting, some of which might blow your mind. You may not have heard or learned them until now, so let’s begin.

1- There Are No Sequential Events; They Are Simultaneous!

You may consider that the events in your life have already happened.
This perspective is a linear frame of reference because, in fact, they are all happening all the time, right now, simultaneously, forever, and eternally.

Linear time is how you perceive time when looking from the perspective of the physicalized universe. It helps focus on the particular aspect of yourself that you are dealing with at any given moment.

Whereas on different levels where the time constraint is not as critical, you can gain a broad overview. This allows you to understand that what you perceive in physical reality as events happening one after the other are not actually sequential but all exist simultaneously.

To understand it better, let’s look at an example:

An Example for Understanding the Simultaneous Nature of Events

Let’s consider a film or video analogy. Each idea represented by each frame on the film is a distinct moment, a separate instance. You perceive them sequentially, one after another, to make sense of continuity out of the flow of motion.

Consider yourself living in the frame. You are not aware of the frame about to come up. You do not have a real strong perception of the frame that has already passed by; you are only immediately aware of the frame you are in.

Now consider yourself as the filmmaker, which is what you actually are – the creator of your reality. In this case, if you step back and look at all the frames laid out, you know that even though each experience in every frame is a discrete experience in sequential order. As a filmmaker, you know that the whole film exists all at once; all the frames are there right now.

2- Everything Exists Now!

All possible parallel realities exist now; they coexist simultaneously here and now. There is only one eternal now, and everything exists in it. From your linear space-time perspective, this may not be so, but understand that this is really just an illusion.

What you consider as different changes, moments, places, experiences, different times, even different lives—all these things coexist at the same time. They are really just different perspectives of the same eternal now moment.

What you call the past exists right now; what you call the future exists right now. There is really no future in the future, no past in the past. Those are simply different frequencies, different experiences all going on simultaneously in the now.

They are simply different viewpoints of the present moment in your linear space-time perspective. You can assume that something comes before, then something comes next, and then something comes after, but it doesn’t really happen that way.

To illustrate this point better, let’s go back to our example about film strips in the context of a cinema.

Filmstrip Analogy Shows You the Eternal Now

You are the audience and the filmmaker at the same time; understand that everything exists in the eternal moment now.
You are the audience and the filmmaker at the same time; understand that everything exists in the eternal moment now.

Imagine you are an audience member watching the movie. A movie is made of a film strip with many frames. You experience the events on each frame sequentially. You first see one frame, then the next frame, then the next, and so on.

You get this ILLUSION of continuity, the illusion of motion and passage of time. You see events start from a point, come after each other, and end at one point.

Now, imagine you are in the projection booth above the audience, where the film is projected and housed. Here, you can grab the film canister, pull out the film, and stretch out the strip of film in front of you.

Now, you can see all the frames at the same time, simultaneously. You can even look at any frames in any order you wish.

In this context, linear space-time has been nullified. The traditional concept or perception of linear space-time has been negated or invalidated in some way from the usual understanding.

All the frames exist at the same time, but from the perspective of an audience member, they only exist in sequence to create a sense of experiencing linear time. It involves actual physical, operational processes with mechanics.

It does not describe the existence of the film strip itself and the perspective of the projectionist, who can see all the frames at the same time.

This example illustrates that your physical consciousness and physical reality experience linear physical space-time.

3- Each Parallel Reality Is a Frozen Frame with No Motion!

A fact that can master you in shifting to your desired reality is that any parallel reality is a frozen frame with no motion.
A fact that can master you in shifting to your desired reality is that any parallel reality is a frozen frame with no motion.

You are shifting to parallel realities all the time; in fact, that’s what time is. The thing we call TIME is actually our consciousness shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times per second.

If you did not shift, you would have no experience of movement, no experience of change, no experience of time because each parallel reality is just a frozen frame; there is no motion in any one parallel reality.

What you are experiencing is a shift through a series of parallel realities, in the same way that the filmstrip running through the projector creates the illusion of motion on the screen.

Your consciousness, as the projector light, runs through the frames of frozen frame-like parallel realities, creating your experience of movement, your experience of change, your experience of time.

4- You Are Always Shifting; You Do Not Have to Learn to Do It!

You are always shifting. It is not something you have to learn to do. You need to recognize and acknowledge that you are doing it. You are shifting all the time.

You do not need to question whether you can shift or not! Instead, ask yourself: what you will shift to and how different you will allow the shift to be, based on your beliefs and definitions of what’s possible for you.

The only reason you do not notice that you are shifting all the time is because the realities you keep choosing to shift to, are so similar that it just seems like tiny little changes are taking place over long periods of time when, in fact, you are shifting the whole realities.

Once you understand this and allow the reality you shift to be different enough from the reality you shifted from, you will notice that you are shifting all the time because the difference makes you notice it. When the difference is not so great, you just don’t notice.

Understand that you don’t have to learn how to shift. It is automatic. It is built-in. That’s what you do.

What you need to put your focus on being conscious about what you are shifting to, where you are shifting to, what parallel reality prefers, and allowing yourself to jump to the parallel reality that is reflective of the vibration you choose to be.
What you need to learn is how to consciously and intentionally shift to the particular reality you would prefer to shift to.

I will guide you more about this aspect through an experiment outlined in Number 10.

5- Déjà vu Is A Sign of Constant Shifting Between Parallel Realities.

You are constantly shifting between different parallel realities. You may not be conscious of it, but you may have experienced “déjà vu”, where you feel like you’ve experienced something before, even though it’s happening for the first time.

You even know what is going to happen for the next few seconds because you have already experienced it and remember it.

6- The World You Were In Does Not Change; You Changed!

Once you are shifted to your desired reality where you see your desired characteristics of the world around you, remember this:

The world you were in did not change; you changed. In fact, you shifted your frequency and vibration. By doing this, you shifted your focus of consciousness, your awareness, to an already simultaneously coexisting parallel reality that exists on that frequency.

You did not change the world that was there; that world is still there. Instead, you shifted to an already existing parallel reality that reflects the vibratory frequency you personally shifted to.

When you see differences around you, it is because you have taken yourself and shifted to a parallel earth that already had those differences. The old earth, the other parallel reality, still exists and looks the same; it did not change, but you altered your focus of consciousness.

7- You Do Not Create It; It Already Exists!

Everything you imagine already exists because everything exists now. All possibilities coexist in the present moment. You do not create them. They already exist; they are there.

Rather than focusing on creating your desired reality and your wishes, know that they all exist. Focus on tuning to them. Allow yourself to tune into the frequencies of the desired reality.

Also, what you experience is about probabilities. Know that everything is possible because everything exists.

For example, the reality that pigs can fly, or you have 5 hands, all exist. Anything you can imagine exists. But the point is how relevant it is to your current state of being. The probability of experiencing them depends on their relevance and your alignment.

Anything you can imagine exists in the reality you desire.
Anything you can imagine exists in the reality you desire.

8- You Change Your Past in the Present!

All things exist now. What you call the past and what you call the future and all of its variations in both directions also all exist at the same time.

Consider it as probabilities. These probabilities all exist simultaneously. You will experience what you are the energy of.

From a linear perspective, you create a linear experience. You create a connected continuity to other realities that simultaneously coexist, that you call the past and that you call the future for convenience, say, but they all exist right now.

A fact that masters you in reality shifting is to know that the past and future exist in the present moment.
A fact that masters you in reality shifting is to know that the past and future exist in the present moment.

But the point is that even when you create that linear connection, whatever you choose to be in the present, that is a completely different person from moment to moment.

So when you redesign and redefine yourself as a completely different person in the present, that means in order to actually have become that person, you had to have a different past. So, the present actually changes the past.

When you define who you are every moment right now, you make new connections to other simultaneous realities that you call the past and future.

You are doing this at every single moment. Thus, you are never the same person literally, and you never have the same past; you only think you do.

When you stop creating that sense of continuity and focus on the continuity connections that serve you in the way you prefer, then you can consciously shape your experiences.

At every moment, you are at ground zero; whatever you past you want is what you get. Whatever future you want is what you get with that person you are being right now.

9- With Each shift, You Have No Longer the Same Past as You Had!

In each moment, you are shifting to different parallel realities. You can shift to any new reality that is totally different from your current one. What you need to do is to truly define yourself as you want to be from ground zero.

Let’s say, for example, you experience an addictive habit. If you truly, truly allow yourself to fully understand that you become a new person in each moment, then you will understand that the person you are now never had the habits; that is why there is no urge.

It does not mean that you have changed and no longer do that; it means you never did it. Because you have jumped to another version of yourself in another alternative reality, who never did that and has another past. That is a different person.

10- Manipulating Vibration Can Influence Reality Shifts – A Time-Space Travel Experiment

Time travel, as commonly depicted in science fiction, is not what you think it is. Indeed, when you aim travel to your past, what you’re actually doing is shifting to a parallel reality that looks remarkably similar to your perceived past, but it’s not the same timeline; it cannot be.

Imagine you are currently 30 years old, and you have a machine that can transport you back to when you were 10. If you were to use this machine, you would find yourself standing there as a 30-year-old, observing another version of yourself at age 10. Essentially, there would be two distinct realities: one where your 10-year-old self exists, and another where you, as a 30-year-old, are observing your 10-year-old self.

If you want to create a machine for time travel, you have to create a device that will generate a kind of energy bubble that first isolates you from any particular reality. Then, you can impose upon it the frequency of the parallel reality you prefer to experience. When you impose that frequency and then remove the bubble, you’ll wind up in that reality because you’ve shifted your frequency location to a parallel reality.

It’s all physics.

To understand this concept better, you can do this experiment:

Manipulating the vibration of any object puts that object in the reality that is aligned with that vibration.
Manipulating the vibration of any object puts that object in the reality that is aligned with that vibration.

Take a long, flat table and have an object, let’s say a hollow sphere. Place it at one end of the table (let’s call it location A).

Then, get it to vibrate somehow. You can strike it and record the frequency it gives off. You can induce a vibration through acoustic or electromagnetic means – whatever technology you have available – but get it to vibrate.

Let’s assume you have an instrument that can actually determine the overall frequency of your object.

Record the frequency of your object in location A. Once you recorded that frequency, pick up the sphere and put it at the other end of the table (let’s call it location B), then do it again and record its frequency at the other end of the table.

If your instrumentation is sensitive enough, you should actually see that there is a difference in these two frequencies, even a slight difference. This is because, in fact, objects do not exist in a location; location is one of the variables in an object. Location is part of the energy equation of the object, a variable in the object’s energy equation.

Now return that object to location A. Surround it, immerse it, and overwhelm it in a sense with the vibration that represents the signature of location B.

Simply saying, inject the exact vibration that you recorded from that object being in location B into the object now located in location A.

If you overwhelm the mass of that object enough and precisely, it will actually stop existing at location A and instantaneously exist at location B.

There is no travel in between. There is actually no intervening travel at all. It just stops being here and starts being there.

Lessons learned from the manipulation of energy experiment:

  • The experiment shows that the vibration frequency of an object influences its existence within a particular reality.

  • Similarly, your vibrational frequency determines in which reality you can be and which experiences you can have.

  • If you aim to be in your desired reality, you should somehow get to vibrate the same way your other version vibrates in your desired reality. Vibrating the same means to manipulate your vibration to be in alignment with your desired reality.

  • To achieve this alignment, you need to first understand and find out how that version of you is thinking, behaving, acting, and feeling.

  • Once you get clear about these aspects, then you should consciously do those things to simulate that particular vibration in your current reality.

  • Moreover, your thoughts and beliefs should be aligned too. Your thoughts should not be on lack of it, and not even on an unknown future or thinking like ‘I will get it one day’ or ‘I will be that new desired person one day’. Your thoughts and beliefs should align with the reality of you already living and having it.

  • In simpler terms, you should act, behave, and feel as if you are already in that desired reality. If you do that, then you are vibrating in resonance with your desired reality, and you will wind up being in your desired reality, as in this experiment, the hollow sphere suddenly shifted to location B.

11- Every Change Is a Total Change!

There is no such thing as small change or big change. Everything is actually a total change of everything.

But we sometimes, with our perception, tend to perceive it to make it appear as if it is only a small change, but that’s basically an assumption and an illusion based on how we choose to believe or perceive or define things. Every time you make a change you are actually changing everything. Because you are shifting to a new version of yourself, which is a total change.

12- You See Changes in Your Reality When You Respond Differently to the Same Situation!

Sometimes, you are already shifted to your desired reality, but you may not notice it. The point is that you have shifted to a new reality, but the situation you are in, and your surroundings look the same. It is because they do not change until you respond to them differently. If you respond to that, let’s say the same situation, differently, then you will see the changes.

13- You Are Already Shifting Fast Enough!

You are shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality billions of times per second, and that is fast enough!

If you do not sense that, it is because you are shifting to realities that are very similar to the one you were in.

You are shifting all the time, but because you tend to move to closely similar realities, you do not notice it.

To sense that, you need to shift to a reality that has more differences from your current one.

Rather than searching for ways to shift faster, know that you are already shifting fast enough. Instead, focus on shifting to a reality with a bigger difference than you were in, aligning with your desired outcomes.

Let’s say you aim to gain weight about 20 kg more. Instead of going to a reality where you gain one kilo more, then go to the next reality with one kilo more, and so on, aim to shift to a reality where you have 20 kg more. Instead of going from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4, and 5, you can go from 1 to 5.

Key Takeaway of These 13 Facts for Mastering Reality Shift:

To sum up, a conscious shift to your desired reality requires these key understandings:

  1. Be more aware of your true essence. You are a multidimensional being, beyond time and space.

  2. The physical reality is not the same as you used to believe it is. Be open to expanding your perspective and understanding.

  3. The more you acknowledge your power as a conscious creator, the more intentional your shifts become.

  4. You are always shifting to a reality that is aligned with your vibration. In your current reality, if you could vibrate the same as your version in your desired reality, you will wind up in that reality. Remember the example I mentioned before about the hollow sphere. When you act and behave as if you are already in your desired reality, you are tuning into that vibration.

  5. Experiencing new things in a new reality requires changes in your beliefs. Remember, if you change your beliefs, you will change your experiences.

  6. In every moment, you are a new person; you can have any past and future as you want.

Now that you’ve gained new insights into how our physical reality works and discovered many aspects of reality shifting, it’s time to integrate these concepts into your daily life.

I encourage you to read this article again because repetition can deepen your understanding, especially if some of these concepts are new to you.

I would like to express my gratitude to the profound teacher Bashar, a wise entity channeled through Darryl Anka. His teachings have not only helped me but have also guided many others in understanding the concepts mentioned in this article.

Believe that you deserve to experience the life you desire. Applying these concepts will help you live life to the fullest.

If you have any questions or need more clarification, I would be happy to help you. Feel free to email me or contact me on any social media platform.

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