An Effective Method for Self-Hypnosis

Use this best effective method of self-hypnosis to access your unconscious mind and unlock unsuspected powers and abilities within you.

Tap into Your Hidden Abilities with Self-Hypnosis

This is the best effective way of self-hypnosis.

Through this method, you can access your unconscious mind.

In this article I explain:

  1. why do we need self- hypnosis, and
  2. how to do it easily and effectively. 

1. Why do we need self-hypnosis?

We are 10% conscious mind and 90% unconscious.

Our unconscious is built in the first ages of our life. Now it is hard to access it. But, if we can access it and use our 90% ability, we can have magic power in our life.

Our unconscious mind never does anything on its own, except their stored knowledge. It operates only through given orders and commands.

To use the full power of ourselves, we do not need to go to one hypnotherapist and let them hypnotize us. Instead, we can learn how to hypnotize ourselves.

So, if you learn and use the self-hypnosis method correctly, you will have a key that will enable you to unlock unsuspected powers and abilities within you.

2. How to do self-hypnosis effectively?


Before you sleep, let your bedroom be completely dark. If you can, put a small light on top of your bed, in which it will be above your eyes.

Then stretch out your body as comfortably as possible on your bed. In the first minutes, just take a breath slowly and pay attention to your breath, only.

Start by relaxations: 

Then decide very friendly that you are going to relax. Tell yourself that you are going to relax every muscle in your body.

First, work on your right leg, starting from your toes.

Imagine that the whole of your body is a big city, that in every place there are some little people working on every cell. These little people are working on your muscles. Be thankful for them, but tell them, now it is time that they go to their homes. Imagine that you have a bell, and once you make the bell ringing, it means the working time is over, and all workers should go to their homes.

Concentrate first on your toes, tell them that they should go home. Then imagine they accept your order and start to move to go in the direction of your knee. In the way, the other workers also join them and these huge groups of little people, all together, are walking till they arrive at your navel. Then they go out of your body. Imagine as they are walking towards your navel, all doors behind them will be locked, so they cannot turn back.

Now you would feel that your left leg is lifeless, and it is completely relaxed because there is no one or nothing to cause any feeling there.

Do this process also for your left leg. Then do it for your right hand, then left hand, then your head, stomach, your back, and hips. Send the little people on every your muscle out of your body.

In the end, imagine that you lock the entry door on your navel, so they cannot back now until you let them.

Now, you are completely relaxed, and you do not feel that you have a body.

This step is very important; without this deep relaxation, you cannot have access to your unconscious mind.

Be sure that your whole body is relaxed!

If you still feel something on the part of your body, like pressure on the heel of your foot, or other places, or you see that some muscles are still under tension and pressure, or there is any twitch, ache, or strain,  go there again and help those workers go out of your body as welم.


Now, take a deep and slow breath. Hold it for a few seconds. Then release it slowly. It should be very comfortable and natural, without any pressures. Do it again.


Then raise your eyes so that you can see that little light. If you do not have such a light, or you cannot place a light on top of your bed, only look to the upward direction above the eyebrow level. Or, imagine there is something there that you want to look at it. The goal is that you could keep your eyes upwards toward your eyebrows. So, the eyes should not be pointed straight ahead.

Tell yourself: “I want to count till 10, then my eyes are completely closed, and I am in deep relaxation and have access to my unconscious mind.”

So count and say:

“one, two, three, my eyes are becoming tired, four, five, I can hardly keep my eyes open, six, seven, eight, my eyes are going to be closed, nine, and ten, my eyes are completely closed.”

Do not be worry. Because of the direction of your eyelids, they will be so easily closed. Just try it.

You can use your own words with your own formula. Such as

“when I have counted up to ten, my eyelids will become very heavy, my eyes will become tired. The moment that I arrive at ten, I fall into a state of complete self-hypnosis. I am fully conscious, and I hear and know everything that happens. But I am also able to order my unconscious mind as I want to.”

A short explanation, why you should count till ten and say such sentences, and why you should let your eyes to be like that.

The issue is, when your eyes are looking upwards, your eyelids are becoming tired very fast. So, after a few seconds, they automatically will be closed. And when you say those sentences, such as “my eyes are heavy, they are going to be closed,” and when the eyes are closed, then you can attract the attention of your unconscious mind. Because it thinks, yes, the sentence now you said it was true and happened. And it listens to you for the rest of this process with more attention.

In the first or second time, maybe it would be more difficult, but later, you will be master on this process, and much faster, you will arrive at the hypnotic state. 

Congratulation! Now, you are in the trance stage or self-hypnosis state.

Based on your purpose, if it is eliminating some behavior of you, or adding a good habit to you, you should be able to focus on them. You should be able to conjure up a picture of yourself as you want to be. Use your full power of visualization to see your “new you”. 

The more firmly you can visualize yourself as you want to be, then the more quickly you can attain your objective.

During this visualization, repeat your new order continuously to your unconscious mind. For example, if your problem is that you have a hunchback, tell yourself,

“I am sitting upright.”

The point is that you must repeat this sentence quickly time after time with no break in between because if you do permit a break, your unconscious mind has time to talk and say,

”uh, you are saying lie.”

So if you repeat it without any break, the unconscious mind does not have any chance to talk. So, it should only listen, obey, and will believe your words.

If your unconscious mind believes your sentence, then all your muscles will be programmed easily, and you will stand straight just as you want.

You can do self-hypnosis to improve your health condition or your lifestyle, or whatever you desire about.

The more you practice it, the easier you can be a great self-hypnotist.

After all these processes, you will fall down to sleep. The next day, you would wake up from one leisure sleep.

Based on your virtues that you want to acquire, you may need to repeat the self-hypnosis several times. During the day, think about your new self and use visualization to boost your desire. Remember, in the challenge of will and visualization, always visualization wins. You should actively visualize the abilities you want. Moreover, during the day, tell yourself: “Tonight, I want to go to the trance stage.” Then you will be more ready to welcome this trance stage.

Each time you go into a trance stage, the desired virtues will appear more strongly in you.  

My experience of self-hypnosis

I used this technique to change my belief system about eating. I realized that I can’t stop my eating even when I wasn’t hungry anymore, I always wanted to force myself to finish everything on my plate. I understood, when I was a child, whenever I was able to finish my food on the plate, my parent appreciate me. So I learned it, this is a good job that I must do it. But now, this issue causes that I simply gain weight. Even in my conscious mind, I know this is not true anymore (I mean finishing my plate), but since my unconscious mind is programmed about it, I could not stop it. So I used this self-hypnosis method to teach the new belief to my unconscious mind. 

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