Lose or Gain Weight with the Law of Attraction: 16 steps + 19 exercises (Part 2)

Use the law of attraction to lose or gain weight. Here are 16 steps toward manifesting your dream body. Here are the next 8 steps with 10 exercises.

Manifest your dream body

16 Steps + 19 Exercises to Lose or Gain Weight

In the previous article, you learned about 8 steps along with 9 different exercises to lose or gain weight with the law of attraction.

Here are the next 8 steps with 10 exercises.

Step 9: Be in Peace with all Foods

If you are one of those people who until now have always only paid attention to the calories of foods, then unconsciously you have hate feeling to those high-calorie foods, even though your conscious mind loves those foods. It may even happen to you that you ate foods like a cake or an ice cream, but then you felt guilty and blamed yourself and said: Why did you eat these foods, you are fat and you eat these fattening foods.

Love all foods and be in peach with all foods if you want to loose weight.
Love all foods and be in peach with all foods if you want to loose weight.

You have to accept that foods do not play a role in your fat- or thinness. To believe this, remember the example of the construction worker.

So be at peace with all foods right now, love them, and do not give them hate feelings or dissatisfaction.

Exercise 10: All foods are love

If you want to lose weight, love all foods. So, each time before you eat food, close your eyes for a few seconds and love it with all your heart. Be thankful that this food gives you more energy and life. Do not measure them and do not count their calories. Eat that food with passion and love and as much as your body needs. At the end of your food, with all your love be thankful for them again.

Remember, foods are just light, information, energy, and love.

Step 10: Change Your Belief

Your beliefs in the unconscious mind have power over your whole body and your life. You cannot keep your current beliefs and wait for something new to happen to you.

Madness means going the same way all the time and expecting a different result.

By keeping the thoughts you have had so far, you will achieve the same result that you have achieved so far.

Change your belief if you want to manifest your dream body.
Change your belief if you want to manifest your dream body.

Your limiting or wrong beliefs are with you for a long time. So be patient in order to change them. These beliefs are all formed in your unconscious mind. To change them, do the following three exercises:

Exercise 11: Build your own affirmation

Refer to the list you prepared in steps 5 and 8. Based on them, build your own new affirmations. I made the following list for myself:

Affirmation to be in peace with food:

  • I am completely at peace with all foods and their calories.
  • Foods are light and information.

Affirmation to get rid of limiting beliefs:

  • Whatever I eat or do not eat, I always weigh 63 kilograms.

Affirmation to get rid of the induced definitions:

  • The previous definitions of my body no longer dominate me.
  • I am now free from all the definitions that others have given me.
  • I just focus on my new definitions.

Affirmation to get rid of contradictory sentences:

  • I am thin.
  • My abdomen is flat and thin always.

Affirmation to get rid of inner resistances:

  • Foods are plentiful.
  • I eat enough, no less, no more.
  • My body digests and releases all foods properly.
    (I mean, without the need to store them extra)
  • My body only stores enough nutrients in my body so that I always stay thin.

And finally other positive affirmations:

  • I can manifest my desired weight. I can do it.
  • I believe in the law of attraction power; the universal love energy is always with me.
  • I am in complete peace with my body.
  • I love my body and I send love to it.

Note that your sentences should be positive and all of them in the present tense. The important thing is that the unconscious mind does not hear the negative (prohibitive) words. For example, if you say I am no longer fat, your unconscious mind only hears and processes the word being FAT. So be careful to use positive words. For example, say I am thin right now. This is a positive and present tense sentence. If you say instead, I will one day – in the near or distant future – lose weight, so this wish will always remain in the future and will never be manifested in the present moment.

Exercise 12: Rewrite your affirmations

A written affirmation has more power than an oral one. To increase the power of your manifestation, take a new piece of paper on the first of the day and write each affirmation at least three times, and read them loud as you write. This exercise is very important because when you write them, your unconscious mind processes each word precisely.

Exercise 13: Listening to affirmations

One way to program your unconscious mind is repetition. Remember this, your unconscious mind, for example, has learned to walk by repeating this action, and now you consciously do it automatically without any further processing. For this reason, I suggest that you repeat your affirmations over and over again so that your unconscious mind will finally believe them.

The important thing is that you should repeat your sentence repeatedly without any pause. If you do a pause, your unconscious will have a chance to say: no, this is not true; no, this is wrong; you are not like that. But when you repeat your sentences one after the other without any pause, your unconscious mind does not have the opportunity to talk and it just has to hear them. Then with all these repetitions and hearing them, the unconscious mind has to believe them.

Create your own music: I recorded my own sentences for myself and listened to them during the day and at the end of the night and even during my sleep. I suggest you record your voice with your phone or computer. Repeat one sentence ten to twenty times without any pause, then do it for the next sentence, and so on. The best is when you record your voice, let the music play as a background. Use the acoustics beats, because they are in the frequency of your unconscious mind and interact with it effectively. Listen to this self-made music – your own recorded sound – on your MP3 player or on your mobile phone daily – at least once a day. I listened to my self-made music for two hours a day. Also, I listened to it again before going to sleep. Because the best time to access the unconscious mind is moments before and after sleep.

In addition, when your mind is in alpha mode, you have the best access to your unconscious mind. In my previous article, I described 5 effective techniques to enter the alpha state.

Another way to connect with your unconscious mind is to use self-hypnosis, which I described in detail in another article.

When you are fully asleep, your unconscious mind dominates you completely. So, if it is possible for you, I suggest that you let your self-made music play, even when you are asleep.

You may find a bunch of ready-made positive affirmation packages on the Internet to manifest your dream weight. I do not recommend using them at all, because the best and most effective one would be the one with your own voice. Your unconscious mind is familiar with your own voice rather than a voice of someone else, who you do not know him/her, and can obey better. The second reason is that these packages include a set of generic affirmations, not something special for you. But here you have made a special list according to your beliefs and your own issues.

Depending on how long you have had your previous beliefs, you need to repeat this exercise. For some, you may see results after a very short time, but for others, it may take longer. In general, the unconscious mind usually needs 21 to 30 days of continuous practice to believe a new idea.

Step 11: Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is one of the most powerful techniques in the law of attraction. In order to send the vibration of your desires to the universe, you must visualize your desires.

The more detailed and emotional your imagination of having your ideal weight is, the faster you will manifest your dream body.

Use creative visualization to lose or gain weight with the law of attraction.
Use creative visualization to lose or gain weight with the law of attraction.

Creative visualization is different from daydreaming (fantasy). In daydreaming, you see some images in your mind and you know that they are just a dream for you and not the truth. But in creative visualization, with full awareness and regular planning, you depict the idea of having what you want at the moment. You do this exercise with intent and awareness because you know that the law of attraction makes it real for you in your real world.

Your unconscious mind perceives images faster. That’s why I am introducing this exercise to you here:

Exercise 14: Visualize your new self

Create an accurate image of yourself with your dream weight in mind. Picture it the way you want it to be. You need to see clearly and precisely yourself with your ideal weight. Doing this is like painting on a canvas: first, you draw a simple design that shows only the skeleton and the borders; then you go to each part and draw more details for it; at the end, you give it more colors and make it more alive.

In this exercise, first imagine yourself with your ideal weight, after each passing second, see more details of yourself in your mind. For example, pay attention to the slimness of your arms, flat stomach, beauty of your legs step by step. Visualize as much detail as you can, even paying attention to the small size of the clothes you are wearing.

Keep visualizing this image constantly, do not let another thought take you out of this image. So keep your focus constantly, but it should be pleasant and away from force and control. In the end, it is time for coloring and giving energy, passion, and love. Imagine the joy and love in this picture. See the smile that is etched on your face, see the joy and peace that is on you. Visualize your sense of satisfaction and pleasure with your dream body.

Step 12: Create a Pure Thought

Creating does not mean going out and getting something. It means that you create a vibrating state within yourself that allows what you love to flow towards you.

One of the most important steps to attract your ideal weight is to increase your ability to thinking purely. It may happen to you that when you think of your desire, conflicting thoughts come to you immediately, or other thoughts come to you, such as your to-do list.

The power lies in pure thought.

You should create a vibrating state that allows your dream body to flow towards you.
You should create a vibrating state that allows your dream body to flow towards you.

Exercise 15: Use the power of pure thought for 68 seconds

Let’s do an exercise by Abraham Hicks here. According to her theory:

If you can hold an idea in your mind for 17 seconds without other irrelevant thought or opposing it, similar thoughts will be generated and the law of attraction will react to this activation.

After 17 seconds of pure thinking on your desired weight, think again for another 17 seconds. By doing this in the 34th second, your initial thought becomes bigger and more evolved and your vibrations become faster. In the 34th second, when these two evolved thoughts come together, another explosion point occurs. If you can hold this thought for 51 seconds, that is, 3×17 seconds, your thoughts will be more evolved and another activation point will be formed. And if you keep it for 68 seconds, you have enough fuel and energy for physical revelation to happen, that is, you are on the way to manifesting it.

In fact, when your pure thought is stuck together 4 times and exceeds 68 seconds, you will have the total energy that affects the physical manifestation (creation).

Show yourself that you can focus on something for 17 seconds, and if you can do it in the first 17 seconds, then you can do the second (34 seconds), the third (51 seconds), and the fourth (68 seconds).

The main thing is positive and pure thought without sticking to irrelevant or contradictory thoughts, but no force or control.

When you activate this frequency, the law of attraction begins to respond to this frequency. In fact, you are off and the law of attraction does its job. 

Step 13: Synchronize Your Feelings

Your feelings and emotions play the most important role in manifesting your desire. Your feeling should not be about lacking your desire now, but you should feel that you have your desire right now.

Exercise 16: synchronize your emotions with your ideal weight

Make a small piece of paper and draw a symbol for your dream weight. I drew a very tiny stick figure for myself with a big smile on her face that shows me she is very happy that she is thin. I surrounded her with a heart, and write my ideal weight under it. You can make any symbol you like.

Now do this exercise every day for 5 to 10 minutes. Go to a quiet place. Close your eyes. Take several deep breaths and think only of your own breathing so that all your consciousness and power are only in the present moment. Then go to your heart and extend the love feeling in your heart center. Now see your symbol in front of you. Send a love feeling from your heart to this symbol. Then, bring that symbol into your heart. Now that symbol is in you and that is you. Now expand the love feeling from your heart to your whole body.

To synchronize your feelings with your dream body, draw a symbol for you and use it in your meditation.
To synchronize your feelings with your dream body, draw a symbol for you and use it in your meditation.

Next, answer this question: How do you feel when you have the weight you want right now? Visualize that feeling and send it to the world. Send the feeling of happiness that you have your desired weight right now. How light your body is and how easily you bend your legs. How flat and slim you are, how easy it is to wear the clothes you love. Pay attention to all the details. The more details and emotions you include, the faster you can manifest it. Experience the feeling that you have that weight right now and show it to the world. Imagine what your life and feelings would be like when you have that weight right now.

Finally, put all the emotion on the symbol in your heart. Then expand the symbol so that it grows bigger and bigger and disappears in all your surroundings. By doing so, you have surrendered your desire to the world with love, and there is no need to control and force it. Be sure these frequencies return to you as you sent them because this is a law of attraction.

Step 14: Connect to the Morphic Field

Morphic Field, as introduced by Rupert Sheldrake introduced it says, every organism in the world lives in a morphic field that has a collective memory. Every field contains a built-in and cumulative memory. So, the knowledge stored in this field is always downloading to you and you get the effect of them.

Until now, you have been in the public morphic field, where beliefs like their foods and calories play a role in your overweight problem. But there is another specific morphic field where people believe that whatever they eat or do not eat, they are always thin. Note that, this really exists. My sister is always in this field and she says this sentence to everyone every day and she is always thin and fit.

Connect to the morphic field of thin people if you want to lose weight.
Connect to the morphic field of thin people if you want to lose weight.

All you have to do is go out from the public morphic field and connect to the specific morphic field.

Exercise 17: Connect to the morphic field of thin people

If you are in the public morphic field, get out and connect to the specific morphic field of thin people. Consciously replace them.

For example, I suggest you stay away from people around you who are in the public morphic field who always calculate and analyze all the calories in food. If you are in a group that they talk about these issues, do not participate in their conversations. Even when walking in the street, do not pay attention to fat people, do not focus your energy on them. Do not judge and analyze them. Instead, divert your energy on thin people and pay attention to their style.

If you can, make a stronger friendship with people who are thin and observe their mindset carefully. When these people go to the supermarket, they buy whatever they like without analyzing their calories. Because they keep telling themselves, calories of foods do not affect their weight. When they eat in a restaurant, they just enjoy the food without worrying about their calories.

So, try to learn from them. Try to think and live like thin people. Immerse yourself in their morphic field.

Remember that when you are in their morphic field, information from that field is subconsciously downloaded into you. Sometimes you can get inspiration for doing things that get your desire faster.

Step 15: Self-Love

Love yourself.

If you are full of hate about yourself, you cannot manifest your dream weight. Because the hate feeling and negative frequencies revert all the exercises you have done so far. Being in hate and manifesting your desires can’t happen together. So, start loving yourself in a special way right now. In a way, you have never done before.

Ask yourself: what do I do now if I truly love myself?
Ask yourself: what do I do now if I truly love myself?

If you do not like something in your body right now that you can love, then at least love the other possessions you have. E.g., love your beautiful eyes, your beautiful smile, your kindness, and the thousands of good properties that you have. Remember, you cannot manifest anything when you are full of hate.

Exercise 18: Embrace yourself with love

Take a piece of paper and write this question on it:

What would I do now at this moment, if I truly love myself?

Then write the first answer that comes to your mind. Then, try to do what you wrote for yourself. The next day, ask yourself this question again and follow the answer you write on that day.

Step 15: Self-Love

So far, you may have done all the steps mentioned above correctly, but still, you did not manifest your dream weight. If so, the reason may be your contradictory behaviors with previous exercises.

Do not control it. Let it goes.
Do not control it. Let it goes.

You should not do the mentioned exercises in a few hours of the day and show the world something contradictory during the rest of the day. For example, you do ten minutes the exercise 16 that you feel you are thin now, and at other times of the day, you feel angry about why you are fat, or you feel worried about why you do not have that desired weight right now. With this worrying feeling, you send negative frequencies that you are fat and you manifest being fat, too. Or, for example, when you want to eat, you have fear about the calories of the food. Or you still forbid certain foods for yourself, because you have fear to become fatter. Or you weigh yourself every day and say see you’re still fat.

If so, then you are only practicing the mentioned exercises for a short time (one or two hours a day), but at the whole other times of the day, you are sending negative and contradictory frequencies. Well, you will manifest the thing that your most frequency and vibration is donated to it.

I want to emphasize that I did not forbid you to do not do sport with any of the previous steps. They are not against doing sport. If you want to do sport in addition to these steps, be sure that your exercise should not be such that you create a contradictory feeling for yourself. For example, every time you do sport, you should not tell yourself: I am fat, I should do sport to lose weight. Instead, you should say I’m thin and I do sport to make my body happier and more energetic.

It is the same as when you are doing the mentioned exercises daily. Whenever you pick one of the above exercises to do, do not tell to yourself, uh I am fat, I must do these steps to lose weight. 

Exercise 19: Do not control and let go

If it’s hard for you to feel good and do not send the contradictory feelings to the universe in the rest of the day – the hours you do not do the mentioned exercises -, the easiest thing you can do is to let go. If you do not send a good feeling, at least do not send a bad feeling. For example, try to focus on other things, not your weight.

So, in other words, relax at other times of the day, think about other things, not your weight. Do not control and let it go.

Did you already read the first part? read the first 8 steps with 9 exercises.

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