5 Effective Techniques to Enter the Alpha State

Using the alpha state effectively has a big impact on your success or your failure. I am showing you 5 effective techniques that bring you to the alpha state.

Using the mental alpha state effectively

To see its big impact on your success

The human brain has five brain waves, including delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. All of these brain waves are available always, but depending on the circumstances, a particular wave is dominant.

When your eyes are closed, and your muscles are relaxed, but you are still aware of your environment, the alpha waves of your mind are dominant. so, to enter the alpha mode, you must relax completely when you are awake.

The strongest connection with the unconscious mind occurs in the mental alpha state. Therefore, to use the power of the unconscious mind, you must become a master in using the mental alpha state.

Using the mental alpha state effectively has a big impact on your success or your failure.

Here I am showing you 5 effective techniques that bring you to the alpha state. 

Method 1 – Relaxing your mind and body

To do this method, first of all, you must choose the right time. Choose a time when you are not in a hurry to do your other works.

Also, choose a suitable place so that you do not encounter any disturbance or noise.

Then you should put your body in a very relaxed state. The best state is lying down on the bed or on a sofa. If you fall asleep quickly when you are lying down on the bed, then, preferably try to sit on the sofa.

Now, you should calm your mind. If you see many thoughts coming to you, slowly let them flow. Between your current thought and your next thought, always there is a gap, a few milliseconds of silence. Try to find them and put your attention to those silences in your mind. By concentrating more on the silent mode between your thoughts, after a while, you are in the alpha mode.

As a whole, Some minutes before you sleep and some minutes after you wake up are naturally dominated by the alpha waves and are the best times to communicate with your unconscious mind, so use these times.

Method 2 – Creative visualization

First, let your body be in the most comfortable shape as possible.

Then you should calm your mind. To do this, first, imagine a dream place. Imagine a place full of peace and love, and then imagine that you are there.

For example, close your eyes and imagine that you have a wooden hut in a beautiful forest. Imagine that you are walking around this wooden hut. Try to engage all your senses. What do you see and feel? Feel the coolness of the ground under your feet. Feel the fresh smell of meadow and trees. Hear the wind among the trees. Then enter the wooden hut. Feel the warmth, silence and peace inside the wooden hut. Then lie down on your comfortable bed or sofa. Then close your eyes in this imagination. Now visualize the changes you want. Imagine the new capabilities you want to have & be grateful for them.

Method 3 – Breathing

I am in favor of these two methods:

One – Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, then release it slowly through your mouth. Each breath-in and breath-out should usually take seven seconds.

The second approach is that you take a breath through your abdomen. In this case, more air enters your abdomen, which causes your body to be in a greater relaxed state. Following these type of relaxed-breathing for a few minutes will relax your mind and body and will let your mind to produce the alpha waves. This method should not be too long. I recommend you do between 5 or 10 minutes. 

Method 4 – Meditation

One of the simplest ways to reach the alpha state is meditation. Meditation, like any other activity, has its specific vibration. Meditation reduces the frequency of brain waves and separates the mind from the body because it is free from engaging with the body’s nervous and emotional reactions and also free of the responses to internal and external stimulants.

Method 5 – Countdown

This approach can master you in entering the alpha state. Be relax and let your body be comfortable and close your eyes.

  • In the first ten days, you have to count backward from one hundred to one.
  • Ten days later, you have to count down from fifty to one.
  • In the next ten days, count down from twenty-five to one.
  • In the last ten days, count from ten to one in reverse.

After these 40-days, you will quickly enter the alpha state from number five to one. Also, when counting, imagine yourself in a very calm and lovely place.

How long you stay at the alpha state and what you do at this level is up to you. You can use the alpha level to get rid of some of your bad habits and create new changes in yourself or boost your power to achieve your dreams.

I suggest when you are at the alpha level, imagine you goal, dream, or the new belief that you want to have. If you visualize your desire with more details and emotions, you will achieve better and faster results. While imagining, you should repeat your sentence continuously without any pause. Your sentences should be positive and present.

I explained this in more detail in my self-hypnosis method.

Finally, to get out of the alpha level, all you have to do is count from one to five. When you count, say in your heart: Whenever I open my eyes in number five, I will be awake, and I will be much better than before.

Last thought:

Using alpha mode to improve your health condition

At the alpha level, as the mind separates from the body, the body’s consciousness organizes and heals itself free from mind interference.

During the separation of the mind from the body in the alpha state, several diseases can heal on their own.

The normal frequency of brain waves when we are awake is higher than ten and lower than twenty hertz per second. The body’s ability to heal at low frequencies of brain waves is multiplied. During illness, the frequency of brain waves decreases naturally; That’s why whenever we get sick, they feel sluggish and prefer to rest instead of doing other activities such as walking, driving, and even eating.

So, if the body can free itself from the mind, then it will be free to do its work. So it can maintain the vital balance of cells to keep them healthy and normal. Therefore, the greatest benefit of being in the alpha state is to cut off the mind from interfering with the body’s work so that the body heals when it is sick and stays healthy when it is healthy.

Watch my video to learn more about these effective techniques to enter the mental alpha state.

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