Harmonizing the Heart with the Brain: Master Key towards self-healing

The Heart-brain harmony technique is the master key of all types of meditation towards self-healing.

Heart-brain harmony is the golden key towards self-healing.

I have tried different types of meditation to improve my health condition. Finally, I found the master key of getting heal, which I am sharing with you here.

In any meditation of Dr. Joe Dispenza, or testimonial of the healed people, they explained, that they open their hearts, and then they got healed. But, it was not clear to me how? How can I exactly open my heart?

I found the answer to this question, and I believe this is the master key of all types of meditation towards self-healing.

Before you learn about the heart-brain harmony technique, let’s see look at their mysteries.

What are the mysteries of the brain and heart?

3 mysteries about the brain and heart!
3 mysteries about the brain and heart!

There are 3 new discovered mysteries about the brain and heart:

1- The heart has a memory.

The new studies show that the heart has a memory. We already learned in school that the brain has a memory, but now it is approved that the heart also has a memory and saves the information.

2- The heart sends information to the brain, not the brain sends information to the heart.

We have already learned that the brain controls all organs in the body and sends commands to them. But new studies reveal that the heart sends information to the brain, and then the brain sends that information to all organs. So, if you want that your cells act in a new healthy way, you need to give this information, first, to your heart.

3- The coherence between the heart and brain opens the magic door for you.

The coherence between the heart and the brain can heal the body instantly. If you are in the coherent state of the heart and brain, your body will be more vital and more healthy. At the end of this video, we will see other benefits of this harmony.

What is coherence between the heart and brain?

The heart commands the brain what kinds of hormones need to be addressed and how to address those. The heart talks with the brain, and then the brain releases special chemistries within the body. For example, when you feel negative emotions like hate, anger, or jealousy, then your heart sends chaotic and jagged signals to your brain. Then your brain releases high amounts of adrenaline, cortisol, and stress hormones. But when you feel positive emotions such as compassion, gratitude, and care, the signal from the heart to your brain will be very rhythmic. This is called the coherence (marriage or union) between the heart and the brain. So, you harmonize the heart and the brain, two separate organs, into one unique system.

So, when you are in the coherent feeling, your brain will be awakened and send powerful healing chemistries and powerful immune responses.

How to harmonize your Heart with your Brain?

To use this master key of achieving the high levels of harmony between the heart and brain, I summarized the meditation into 5 steps:

The first step of heart-brain harmony is to clarify your intention.
The first step of heart-brain harmony is to clarify your intention.

Step 1: Have a clear intention.

You should be clear in your meditation what do you want in a precise way. If you do this meditation without any clear intention, you do not get the desired result.

A clear intention works as a command and new information to your heart. Remember that your heart is sending the information to your brain. So, if you want a healthy body, you should precisely give this information to your heart.

Also, pay attention; use positive words when you want to clarify, declare, or announce your intention. For example, do not say, I want to get rid of my shoulder pain. Say instead, I want to have a healthy shoulder. 

By focusing on your heart, you make your heart open; then, it can be synchronized with your mind
By focusing on your heart, you make your heart open; then, it can be synchronized with your mind

Step 2: Focus on your heart.

Your brain should map to your heart. In other words, your awareness should be completely on your heart. A simple way to get the brain’s focus to your heart is to put your hand on your heart area. Or slowly tap on the heart center with your fingers, then your awareness goes to the place where you feel the sensation. Another option would be to breath*-in till your heart area.

With these methods, your awareness will shift from your brain to your heart center.

If you want to harmonize your heart with your brain, you should breath slowly and rhythmic.
If you want to harmonize your heart with your brain, you should breath slowly and rhythmic.

Step 3: Breath slowly and rhythmic.

You should consider two issues:

First, your breathing should be slower than always, till your body feels secure. Because when you are in a dangerous situation, your breathing is faster than usual. But, when you breathe slowly, your body knows that you are safe. You are secure and your body will be relaxed. So, try to breathe slower than your normal breathing rhythm, something between 4-6 seconds inhale and 4-6 seconds exhale.

The second issue is, your breathing should be rhythmic. You should stay in the same rhythm. If you breathe in and out exactly 5 seconds for several times, then you do it in 8 seconds, then after that, you do it in 3 seconds,  you cannot achieve a good coherence. So, try to have the same rhythmic breathing.

Qigong, another type of meditation that many people got healed via qigong practices, is mostly a breathing exercise. So, don’t underestimate the power of your breathing in the meditation. 

If you experience the high elevated emotions, you can harmonize your heart with your brain.
If you experience the high elevated emotions, you can harmonize your heart with your brain.

Step 4: Experience the high-elevated emotions.

When you feel one of the good emotions, your heart is open. Actually, good emotions come from your heart and make your heart open and active.

So, you should feel a high vibration of good feelings like thankfulness, appreciation, or love. These elevated emotions change your energy level, your frequency, and vibration.

Let’s go into the detail about these emotions later.

To harmonize your heart with your brain you need to turn of your analytical mind.
To harmonize your heart with your brain you need to turn of your analytical mind.

Step 5: Turn off your analytical mind.

Your brain can produce different waves. For example, when your brain is so active, like watching my video right now, your brain waves are up to 35 Hz. But, once you are relaxed and close your eyes, your brain waves are roughly 8 Hz.

So, the connection between your brain and your heart cannot be in harmony when your brain is too active. So, you must bring the brainwaves down. You can do it if you stop analyzing or thinking.

What do you need to do now?

So, now what all you need to do, is to select a quiet place. Sit or lay down, let your body be in a comfortable position, and start the meditation. 

Let’s meditate together: Here is a powerful guided meditation (10 minutes) to harmonize your brain with your heart.

How long should you do the heart-brain harmony to get the desired results?

Every time you do the heart coherence meditation, the effect stays for almost 6 hours, based on recent research. So I recommend you to do this meditation at least three times per day. You can do it for 3 to 5 minutes. I mostly do it 15 minutes and even more.

Do it at least for 6 weeks daily. But, remember that healing is not a process of 6 weeks or 100 days of meditations. All healings happen in a millisecond.

So, every time you want to start this meditation, remember that your healing can happen right now.

But some of us may need these 6 weeks or 100 days of meditation to learn how to do the meditation correctly. 

What are the high elevated emotions?

What are the high elevated emotions?
What are the high elevated emotions?

The researchers of the HeartMath Institute have found four emotions, that have a great effect on the heart-brain coherence: gratitude, care (self-care), compassion, and appreciation.

In qigong practices also happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and gratitude are used so oft.

Moreover, oneness and wholeness with the universe are named as one of the highest elevated vibrations during Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation.

To me, all these emotions are under the name of LOVE. Actually, love is like an umbrella that covers all these emotions.

All of these feelings have a frequency of 0.1 hertz. This is also the frequency of the earth. So when you harmonize your heart and your brain to this frequency, not only you harmonize the system within you, but you also harmonize your system to the bigger system of the planet you live on.

That is where your healing begins.

It is really no matter which emotions you select. You know the best which emotions can trigger you better. So, select the one that can bring you good vibrations.

What I did in my meditation was to choose every time one of these emotions. Even I sometimes only focus on the LOVE feeling for my whole meditation.

Keep in mind; staying in one of these high elevated emotions should not turn on your analytical mind. One of my challenges at the first days was when I tried to feel thankfulness, I said to myself, I am thankful for my family, for my friends, for this and that.

So, I turned on my analytical mind to think and find the next sentence. Instead, what I am doing now, is only experiencing a gratitude feeling even if I do not say for what.

Which benefits do you get from harmonizing the heart and brain?

Top 20 benefits of heart-brain harmony
Top 20 benefits of heart-brain harmony

The heart and brain harmony meditation is a simple and powerful key to awakening the most significant potential in your life.

It is not only the master key to trigger self-healing, but it also affects other aspects of your life. Here I summarized the top 20 benefits of heart-brain harmony:

  1. It is the master key to triggering self-healing
  2. It makes you free from living in the past or future
  3. By expending heart-centered feelings, you will be more relaxed
  4. It gives you the feeling of deep inner peace.
  5. It increases your energy level and vibration
  6. It increases your awareness to the present moment
  7. It causes your body to feel more vital and more healthy
  8. It brings you more in the flow of creativity
  9. It regulates your body function
  10. It regulates your immune response
  11. It increases anti-aging hormones
  12. It opens the door to the state of deep intuition
  13. It reduces your stress and anxiety
  14. It enlarges your super learning ability
  15. It helps to maintain your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being
  16. It improves the quality of your sleep
  17. It improves memory and cognitive performance
  18. It awakes the greatest potential in your life
  19. It improves your work performance
  20. It increases your happiness

Want to learn more? Watch my videos (playlist) to learn more how to harmonize your heart with your brain:

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