33 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

33 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

In this article, I will show you 33 ways to raise your vibrations. After that, I will also talk about why raising your vibration is important in your manifestation journey. And finally, I give you the absolute best suggestions about what to do when your vibration is high.

33 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Stay Positive

Use these 33 amazing ways to raise your vibration and stay positive and happy:

1- Choose happy thoughts.

To raise your vibration to a higher frequency, first, check what brings your vibration down. Is there any specific situation or issue? Remember, the situation itself cannot cause unhappiness, but your thoughts about that situation make you unhappy and down. So try to change your thoughts towards positivity. In each situation, ask yourself what the positive points here are. They stay focused on those thoughts.

One of the best ways to raise your vibration is to choose happy thoughts. Even if your life has some negative aspects, I am sure there are many positive and beautiful things in your life that you can be grateful and happy for them. If you choose happy and positive thoughts, it affects your feelings and, consequently, your vibrations.

2- Find joy to raise your vibration.

Do something that gives you joy. Joy is one of the best high-elevated emotions. When you feel joy, love, and happiness, you raise your vibration.

3- Cultivate & follow your passion.

When you do what you love, you will be in love vibration and can attract many more lovable things into your life. You also increase the dopamine hormone (i.e., happy hormone) in your body. You will also be more satisfied with the version of yourself and believe in yourself and your ability and can capture bigger opportunities.

One of the best ways to raise your vibration is to spend time doing what you really love to do and the things you are great at.

4- Build new positive habits.

Positive habits can put you where you want to be. Choose a new positive habit like doing sport or reading books and then stay on that. Then, focus on making positive progress. Your repeated actions can change your personality toward a more positive-minded person.
If you want to master this, follow the 15-minute rule.

5- Use positive self-talk to raise your vibration.

When you find yourself talking about something you can’t have, be, or do, stop yourself and have the courage to say, I talk now like a positive-minded person.
Pick your words wisely if you truly want to raise your vibration. Choose your words from a place of abundance, not lack.

6- Feel connected to divine energy or God.

You are not alone in this world. You are connected to the divine energy around and within you. Find a moment to find your connection to the universe’s infinite energy source to raise your vibration.

7- Help someone.

Give your support to a friend and be the best company. Being kind to someone is a heart-based activity and one of the best ways to raise your vibrational frequency.

8- Be in the present moment.

Accept your past and bless what had happened to you in the past. Stop worrying about the future. When you can live in the present moment and let go of the past and future, you can raise your frequency.

9- Let go of any negative thoughts and feelings.

You can not have a high vibration when you still hold on to negative feelings like shame, guilt, judgment, or pity. Forgive yourself, others, and this situation. Bless all
Tell yourself: Now, it is time to let go of those feelings and welcome new positive ones. Replace negative emotions with positive ones like:

  • replace Guilt with Forgiveness
  • replace Shame with Respect
  • replace Judgment with Compassion
  • replace Self-doubt with Trust
  • replace Sorrow with Happiness
  • replace Pity with Joy

10- Being more in nature is one of the best way to raise your vibration.

The earth, trees, flowers, stones, everything is energy, and everything has its own frequencies. When you connect to nature, you can align your vibration to a higher one. This is one of the great ways to raise your vibration and stay in the positive vibration if you want to manifest your desire.

Connecting to nature is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.
Connecting to nature is one of the best ways to raise your vibration. Watch its video.

11- Use positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations can change your mood. Write down your affirmations correctly, then repeat them to see how your feelings and vibration will change.

12- Practice gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the best vibrations to bring more abundance and blessings into your life. Be grateful for what you have now. There are many things you can be grateful for. For example, be grateful you have healthy eyes and can read my article now. Be grateful that you are respecting yourself to increase your vibration (that’s why you are reading this article). Be grateful that your higher self guides you on the right path.

13- Meditate to raise your vibration.

One of the best benefits of meditation is that it helps you clear and calm your mind. Then you allow yourself to be open to new things and possibilities.
When you meditate, let go of negative feelings and invite positive emotions to come to you.

Check out my heart-brain coherence meditation or waking meditation to raise your vibration more.

One of the best ways to raise your vibration is to meditate.

14- Go for a new adventure.

The world is full of adventure. Choose one new adventure and go for it.

15- Learn something new.

When you learn something new, you make yourself so busy that you do not have time to think about unnecessary-unhappy things. Try, for example, learning a new language or playing a new musical instrument.

16- Do some breathing exercises.

Practice conscious breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly for a few minutes. Inhale deeply and exhale longer than usual. It brings your attention to the present moment. Whenever you get away from now, the easiest and fastest way to get back to the present moment is to take three to five deep breaths. Bring all your consciousness to your breath. Awareness breathing can help you to relax your mind and body.

17- Enjoy companying yourself.

Find time for yourself to be alone, and take some actions to make you happy. I love going to a restaurant on my own. Treat yourself with love and care.

18- Write your diary.

If you write down what is going on in your head or heart, you let them go out of you. After that, you will feel lighter, and that will give you more peace.

19- Take daily actions toward achieving your goal.

If you do nothing to achieve your goals, you will be unhappy and unsatisfied with yourself. But when you work on achieving your goals and taking small daily steps toward them, you will be energized and positive. This is one of the productive ways to raise your vibration.

20- Watch spiritual or comedy movies.

You can learn a lot from spiritual movies and, at the same time, also raise your happy vibration. I also love watching comedy movies and laughing. Even a few days after watching that movie, I am still on their vibrations and laugh.

21- Read some books.

Each book can put you in a new world. Find some books that resonate with you, then keep reading them. When I read some spiritual books, I enjoy reading them, so I can’t stop reading them.

22- Do some sports.

When you do sport, not only your body but also your mind and soul will get some energy. Body movements help the Chi (vital) energy flows in your body smoothly. It helps to improve your well-being.

Choose a sport that gives you joy, for example, swimming, playing badminton or volleyball. Or do some sports at home like aerobics or yoga. Even doing 10 minutes of daily exercises has a great effect on raising your positive vibration.

There are different ways to raise your vibration, such as practicing gratitude, engaging in positive affirmations, connecting with nature, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Choose the one that works the best for you.
There are different ways to raise your vibration, such as practicing gratitude, engaging in positive affirmations, connecting with nature, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Choose the one that works the best for you.

23- Visit or talk with some friends.

Friends are blessings in our lives. Show your love, joy, and gratitude to your friends by visiting and sharing something beautiful with them. Let your energies exchange. Sometimes you can give your support and care to them, and sometimes they will care about you and help you to boost your positive vibrations.

24- Spend time with your family.

Even with a tight schedule, try to find time to be with your family. Either call them or visit them. Hug them and send them love. Their support and love is one of the best ways to raise your vibration.

25- Follow your inspirations.

For me, it sometimes happens that after my affirmations or meditations, I come up with a new idea. Most of the time, I follow them. I call them inspirations. Don’t be afraid if you want to follow a new idea or something that comes up in your heart or mind. Following your inspirations puts you in a new way and makes a new room for new opportunities to make you happier.

26- Smile.

One of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is to smile. No matter how hard your day is, don’t forget to smile. It is a very small action but with a big effect.

27- Give yourself a gift.

Giving yourself a gift is an act of self-love and respect. You can give yourself material things like buying something beautiful or immaterial gifts like a deep rest or a beautiful weekend.

28- Dance.

Turn on happy music, and then stand up. Just a little move your body to the left and right. Then see how gradually your vibration will change.

29- Cook and respect what you eat.

When you spend time cooking delicious food for yourself, you follow an act of self-love. You pay attention to your body’s needs by providing healthy food (rather than eating ready or junk food). Cooking, decorating meals, or baking is an art of creativity and can raise your vibration.

30- Play.

Outdoor games or creative and fun games at home can make you happy and raise your vibes. Find out which games make you happy, then play them once you want to let go of negative vibes. Choose games that genuinely bring you joy, foster positive emotions, and encourage a sense of playfulness. It’s about finding activities that resonate with you and help you connect with a higher state of consciousness.

31- Listen to music.

Listen to happy music and see how your mood will change. I usually sing with them. That makes me so happy. I also love making music, especially nowadays, for my animations; I enjoy doing it.

32- Paint.

You do not need to be a professional painter. Just take a pen and paper and start drawing. I love designing, drawing, and making animations.

33- Stay with me to align more into positive vibrations 😉

One of the amazing ways to raise your vibration is to stay connected with me. Follow me on Instagram to see me more and get daily motivation to change your mood.

Why raising your vibration is essential?

This contrast will visually illustrate why raising your vibration is essential for attracting positive experiences, abundance, and overall well-being.
This contrast will visually illustrate why raising your vibration is essential for attracting positive experiences, abundance, and overall well-being.

Open your heart and stay on a good vibration. Then everything else will fall into place. It is essential to be happy and find joy and happiness. When you raise your vibration to a higher frequency, many blessings will come to you. You will be a magnet for manifesting good things in your life.

When you manifest your dream, you are so happy and experience more love, joy, peace, and happiness. All these emotions have high frequencies. So if you want to manifest your dream, you should be on that frequency that matches your dream.
Your emotions are one of the most important keys to communicating with the divine energy surrounding you.

Your emotions are the signal, frequency, and energy you send to the outside world. How you feel, and your vibration determines what should come to you. You manifest what you are.
Why raising your vibration is important?

Here are 11 key reasons why Raising your vibration is important in your manifestation journey:

1. Alignment with Desired Frequency:

Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency, including your thoughts, emotions, and desires. When you raise your vibration, you align yourself with the frequency of what you want to manifest. This alignment allows you to become a vibrational match to your desires, making it easier for them to manifest in your reality.

2. Enhanced Co-creation:

Your vibration acts as a signal that you send out to the universe, attracting experiences and circumstances that match that frequency. By raising your vibration, you enhance your ability to co-create with the universe and manifest your desires more effortlessly.

3. Positive Energy Attracts Positive Experiences:

A higher vibration is associated with positive emotions such as joy, love, gratitude, and enthusiasm. When you radiate positive energy, you become a magnet for positive experiences, opportunities, and people that resonate with that energy. Raising your vibration helps to shift your focus from lack and limitation to abundance and possibilities, which supports the manifestation process.

4. Increased Belief and Trust:

Raising your vibration cultivates a state of belief, trust, and faith in the manifestation process. As you align with higher vibrations, you develop a stronger sense of confidence and trust in your ability to manifest your desires. You’ll have faith that the universe has your back and works behind the scenes to make your dreams come true. It’s all about surrendering and believing in the magic.

5. Unlocking a Stronger Intuition, Alignment, and Enhanced Clarity:

Raising your vibration helps you become more intuitive, aligned, and clear. When you operate at a higher frequency, you sharpen your intuition, strengthen your connection with inner guidance, and make wise decisions that align with your desires.

6. Accelerated Manifestation:

Higher vibrations generate a faster and more efficient manifestation process. When you raise your vibration, you release resistance, doubts, and limiting beliefs that may hinder the manifestation of your desires. This acceleration occurs because you are in a state of alignment, allowing the manifestation process to unfold with greater ease and speed.

7. Improved Emotional Well-being:

Raising your vibration promotes emotional well-being by shifting you away from lower vibrational states such as fear, anger, or sadness. When you cultivate higher vibrations like love, gratitude, joy, and peace, you experience greater emotional balance and resilience.

8. Physical and Mental Health Benefits:

Higher vibrational states are associated with improved physical and mental health. Raising your vibration can reduce stress, increase energy levels, enhance immune function, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

9. Spiritual Growth and Connection:

Elevating your vibration can deepen your spiritual journey and connection. As you raise your frequency, you become more open to spiritual insights, higher states of consciousness, and a stronger connection to your true self and the divine.

10. Spreading the Good Vibes:

When you are vibrating high, you radiate positivity and inspire others. Your energy becomes infectious, creating a ripple effect of good vibes all around you. It is like being a shining beacon of awesomeness.

11. Making Magic Happen:

Your vibe is like a magnet for manifesting. When you are in a high-vibration state, you’re in sync with what you want to create. It’s like a cosmic green light for the universe to bring your desires to life.

Remember, raising your vibration is not about denying or suppressing negative emotions but rather about consciously choosing thoughts, emotions, and actions that elevate your energy.

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It is a practice that involves self-awareness, self-care, a positive mindset, and alignment with your true desires. By raising your vibration, you become a powerful manifestor, attracting and creating the experiences you desire in your life.

In summary, by raising your vibration:

  • You can capture bigger opportunities.
  • You become a magnet of happiness.
  • You will be in the aligned frequency matched to your desire.
  • You feel lighter physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • You will manifest more blessings in your life.
  • You will attract more positive people and situations in your life.
  • You make the world a beautiful place by raising the collective consciousness of the world, which is connected to yours.
  • You raise your self-awareness about your thoughts and emotions
  • You will be free of negative energy
  • You will be in an energetic environment where low-vibration energies cannot function.
  • You believe in your abilities more and accept more responsibility for your life.
  • You will tap into your creativity and inspiration.
  • You can access higher levels of spiritual awareness and growth.
  • You manifest your desires and goals more easily.
  • You enjoy improved health and vitality.

❤️Remember that your frequency is the key to your manifestation journey.

What to Do When Your Vibration is High?

When you’re vibrating at a high frequency, you’re in a powerful state to attract your desires and manifest your goals.

Here are 8 suggestions to make the most of this energy:

  1. Celebrate your successes. Take a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Remind yourself how successful you are to boost your confidence too.

  2. Express gratitude for the blessings in your life and the people who support you. By spreading positivity, you attract more blessings and abundance into your life.

  3. Visualize yourself achieving your goals and see how excited and happy you are. Use your heightened energy to make your visualization practice much more efficient.

  4. Take actions that align with your desires and move you closer to your goals. Act as if your desires are already manifesting. Make choices that are aligned with your positive energy.
    (Read more about Aligned Actions in Manifestation)
  5. Repeat positive affirmations loud. Affirmations help you to reprogram your subconscious mind and reinforce your belief in manifesting your goals.

  6. Take time to journal about your goals and desires. Be clear and specific about what you want to achieve, and allow yourself to dream big without limitations.

  7. Connect with a higher divine energy through meditation and surrender control to the universe. Trust in the flow of energy around you. Release attachment to outcomes and trust that everything always works for you in divine timing.

  8. Pay attention to synchronicities, signs, and opportunities that show up when you feel guided towards something that aligns with your desires. Take chances. Trust your intuition.
    (read more about 1111 Angel Number Meaning Decoded: A Guide to Cosmic Messages)

When your vibration is high, try to feel that you already have your dream. Feel and act as if you already manifested what you wanted.

Make a list of things you would do if you would manifest your dream. Then when your vibration is high, try to choose one action from that list and do that. Be like a child and play. Those actions can help you to send the feeling of having your dream to the universe.

Feel it! Do not want it!
When you WANT something, You send a feeling of LACK into the universe. You send this frequency:
“I don’t have it.”
and what you would receive back is the same as what you sent:
Not having it!

So, instead of WANT it, FEEL you already have your dream.
Feel gratitude, joy, and happiness about your fulfilled desire.
Your FEELings will make the miracle you are waiting for happen to you.

Maintaining a high vibration and manifesting your desires is an ongoing process. Stay committed, keep your focus, and trust that the universe is working in your favor.

Watch my playlist about raising your vibration. It is a set of short animations in a cute way. You would love them.

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