Why the law of attraction does not work for you?

Find your own resistance, limiting beliefs, and inner obstacles to manifest your desire.

Discover the Reasons Behind Law of Attraction Challenges

It is easy for anyone to attract small desires. The problem starts when we want to apply the law of attraction to our bigger desires. Then we realize that this law does not work for us. 

But how can the law of attraction sometimes work for you and sometimes not

The answer to this question is the inner resistance within you.
Yes, the inner resistance that exists in the depths of each of you, in your unconscious mind, and you may even be unaware of it, can make things difficult for you and does not let the law of attraction works for you always.

Your Limiting Beliefs in the Law of Attraction

1. First- you have resistance to do not believe that your desire can happen.

For example, you might use the law of attraction to earn ten euros in a magic way. But when you want to use the law of attraction for ten thousand euros, it does not work because, in the deep of your mind, you think that it is impossible to get ten thousand euros at once.

A resistance that does not let the law of attraction works for you always is YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS. Find them out

So, your limiting beliefs are a resistance that does not let the law of attraction works for you always.

Deserving Your Desire

2. The second case is that you do not believe that you deserve your desire.

For example, you have good abilities in your field, but when you want to use the law of attraction to attract your dream job by visualization or repeating positive sentences or anyways, it does not work, because in the deep of your mind, you tell to yourself that no, you do not deserve such a good job.

Love and respect yourself, because you deserve the best

The reason for such resistance can be a lack of self-love. If you do not love yourself, then in the deep of your mind, you do not respect and value yourself. Then, you think, you do not deserve the best. And you always think that other people deserve the best thing in life, not you.

In order that the law of attraction works for you always and for everything,
you must find and resolve your limiting beliefs, resistances, and inner obstacles.

Find and resolve your limiting beliefs, resistances, and inner obstacles to manifest your desires.
Find and resolve your limiting beliefs, resistances, and inner obstacles to manifest your desires.

If you do not solve them, all the resistances remain in you, and as a result, they constantly appear in your reality, they keep reappearing in your reality. Our reality is determined by these limiting beliefs and resistances. We can temporarily hide them, but they are in unconscious mind and work in autopilot mode to dominate us.

These inner beliefs that I talked about, that you think something is impossible or you find yourself unworthy of your desire, these kinds of beliefs are all formed in your unconscious mind.

So we should have the courage to face all of this in our deep mind, even if they are upsetting. Then we get rid of our resistance, and we have a great power to create our dream reality. 

Your inner resistance keeps you away to have a wonderful life.

Believe me,

the inner resistance is the only thing that keeps you to be far from experiencing a wonderful life.

Most of our problems are related to our resistances.

  1. ِِِِDiِsease stems from resistance.
  2. Poverty comes from resistance,
  3. Depression comes from resistance.

Diseases, for example, are formed because you do not allow health to enter your body. Because there is a resistance in you, that does not let that health come to your body. Because for example, you may believe in your unconscious mind that being healthy for your whole life is impossible.

Inner Fear and Resistance in the Law of Attraction

As another example, in your conscious mind, you desire to be a successful person and earn too much money. But, whenever you want to work on your business, you get some type of sickness.

Your inner fear is a resistance that does not let the law of attraction works for you always.

The reason is, in your unconscious mind, you have fear, that if you will be very successful in your business and work, then you are too busy, you would not have time for your family and friends, because, for example, you got this definition from TV or from your parents in your childhood. So, now whenever you want to work on your business, the unconscious mind does something (such as bringing some type of sickness to you) that you can’t work anymore. Because there is a fear in you which is a resistance.

Another example of the resistances related to fears is, you desire to be in a lovely relationship, but in your deep mind, in your unconscious mind, there is a resistance of fear of accepting responsibility. But if I talk with you, you consciously would answer, no, you do not have any fear, and you love to have responsibility. But in your unconscious mind, your belief is another thing.

Find and Solve Your Inner Resistance

So whenever you face some problems in attracting all desires in your dream life, relationship, work, or any, try to find your own resistance.

Of course, there are different resistances in each of us. By thinking and analyzing your inner dialogue, you might find the hidden resistance in you. Then, once you find it, face it, and solve it.

There are many ways to change the belief of your unconscious mind.

I would like to talk more about the examples. For some of you, the wrong belief in your unconscious mind, is not actually your own belief. They are for your family, friends, or your teachers at school.

For example, one friend of mine always had this belief that she was stupid. When I talked with her, I understood, in her deep belief, she disagreed with this statement. We realized it that this thought came from her brother in her childhood, because the brother always told to her, that she was stupid.

The unconscious mind has this role to protect you. For example, in your conscious mind, you want to lose weight, but your unconscious mind wants you to have overweight because, whenever something goes wrong in your life, you can blame it on your overweight problem.

For another friend of mine, the resistance of not being healthy was that the unconscious mind had this belief, if this person gets sick, she can attract more love and attention. So, she was always sick to get more love from the people that surrounded her. We found the reason for having such a belief in her unconscious mind: the reason was, this girl was in a big family with 5 brothers and sisters. So her parents did not have time to pay too much attention to her. But, whenever she was sick, the parents and brothers and sisters gave her much attention and love. So her unconscious mind in her childhood learned that she should be sick to get love.

There are many other examples that I could explain, but, I hope you can find your own resistance in the deep of your mind and solve them to manifest whatever you desire.

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