Synchronize Your Feelings to Manifest Your Desires

To manifest your desires, you should synchronize your feeling. Use this technique to improve your health condition, attract your dream job or your lovely partner.

To Manifest: Synchronize Your Feelings with Your Desires

You should synchronize your feelings with your desires. This is the most important step to manifest your dream or desires.
You should synchronize your feelings with your desires. This is the most important step to manifest your dream or desires.

Your emotions are one of the most important keys in communication with the divine energy field or the quantum field that surrounds us.

Your emotions are the signal, frequency, and energy that you emit to the outside world.

With these emotions, you can influence many things in your reality. You interact with the quantum field by vibrating your emotions and emitting your feelings. These emotions are actually a kind of command or activation request to the world.

So, you have to synchronize your feelings with the goal you want to achieve. This is the most important step to manifest your dream or goal.

Do this Exercise to Synchronize Your feelings with your Desires:

Take a piece of paper and write your wish in the middle of this paper. At best, design a symbol for it. 

For example, to attract my new job, I wrote the word J, the first letter of the job, and designed the letter J to look like the building I wanted to work there.

synchronize your feeling to manifest your dream.
The best exercise to manifest your dream is to synchronize your feeling.

Or, to improve my health condition, I wrote the word H as my symbol. One of these vertical lines represents my body, and the other line symbolizes the divine field, in which the horizontal line in between connected these two vertical lines like a bridge (connects my body and the divine energy field). These lines are surrounded by the sun.

If you are not too creative for your symbol, at least write a word of your desire in the middle and surround it in one heart or a sun symbol, inspiring the universal energy field or love energy.

On the left side of this paper, write some details about your desire. For example, to manifest your dream job, you can write your favorite details such as the place of work, the duration of your contract, something about the relationship with your colleague, and so on. 

To manifest your dream partner, write down some of your favorite characteristics of that person. This will help you to find more accurate and clearer ideas and feelings about your desire.

To manifest your dream partner feel you have already your dream.
Which feelings would you have once you have your lovely partner?

If you want, print even some photos related to your dream and place them on this paper.

On the right side of this paper, write about the positive and beautiful feelings and emotions that are linked to your desire. 

For example, for your dream job, you can write about the feeling of financial security, the feeling of being useful and successful.

Feel you have your dream (a car) now, and do not send the lack of feelings to the universe.
Feel you have your dream (a car) now, and do not send the lack of feelings to the universe.

If your dream is to buy a car, write about the feeling of when you drive your car.

The important thing is that your feeling should be about having a car, not about lacking a car in your life.

This step is very important. If you did not find your feelings in the first minutes, then spend a few minutes more, connect to your deep to find it out what emotions you want to achieve in reality.

Change your circumstances towards synchronizing your feeling with your desires

Sometimes you need to do some actions to understand and feel those feelings. You may change your current life situation a bit more to synchronize your feelings.

For example, you can wake up early in the morning, at a time that you must go to work.

Change your current life situation a bit more to discover what would be your real feelings.

Then you can experience the real feelings; how do you feel when you are waking up to go to your work; how is your feeling to be ready for your work, and so on. 

If your dream is to learn a new language, you can first buy one of the famous novels in that language and hold it in hand. Then feel that you can easily read and understand this book.

 This can help you to understand your feelings better.

 Or, close your eyes and imagine that you are talking easily about this new language with the other. Find what your feelings at that time are.

Feel you can read and understand all books in the new language which you desire to learn.

If it is difficult for you to create this feeling, just play it.

Be like a child, and play based on your feelings and emotions.

Use your phantasy, play, and experience the moments that you have your desires. Let those feelings and emotions give you joy and excitement.

Be like a child, and play based on your feelings and emotions.

Your feeling should be in Now, not Future

Also, pay attention;

Your emotions should be the feeling of having your desire at this time, not the feeling of having it in the future.

If your feeling is that one day in the future, you will achieve this goal, then this wish will always remain in the future and will not happen in the now. You should feel that you have this desire right now.

Your emotions should be about having your desire right now, not in the future.

Daily meditation to synchronize your feeling with your desires

If you feel these feelings and emotions now, you will send these signals to the world, and they will come back to you very quickly.

Know that loving intelligence wants you to have the highest potential to experience the best and happiest feelings

Now your task is to hold this paper 2-3 times per day, take a look at it, and feel those emotions you wrote and emit those feelings. 

So, sit in a quiet place. Hold this paper in your hand, and then close your eyes. Relax your body. So, take a slow and deep breath for a few seconds to be calm and relax. Focus on the present moment and your breathing. 

Then put your focus and attention to your heart center and see your designed symbol inside your heart center. With all your energy and focus, feel those emotions and feelings that are linked to your desire. Then expand these feelings from your heart center to the outside world. 

You are sending your feeling to the world, and they are coming back to your very fast.

Feel all gratitude and joy and inspiration that your dream is true. Magnify your emotions and send more intention from your heart. Expand this symbol and all emotions and emit it to the outside world. Allow your creation to be merged with unlimited potential in the unified field. Know that the universe must reflect back into your life all that you are sending out.

In the end, expand your symbol as it fills your surrounded energy field, then surrender it to the divine energy field. 

Finally, be thankful that you were able to create and emit these emotions, gratitude for what you have created for yourself, and gratitude for all energy surrounded in your field. Then open your eyes.

Sit in a quiet place and feel those emotions and feelings that are linked to your desire.

I suggest you dedicate at least ten minutes to this exercise at the beginning of the day or before you sleep.

You should also keep this feeling during the day, not just for a short time per day. I mean, it should not be like that, that you feel you have your dream 10 minutes per day, then at the other times, you feel of lacking it, and you be worry and sad why you do not have your dream. 

If you only can feel those good feelings during this 10-minutes exercise, at least, at other times, try to do not think about it, or do not also send the worried feeling. Instead, make yourself busy with other stuff.

You can put several copies of this paper in different places in your home, that you can see them regularly, and could remember those feelings.

Put several copies of this paper in different places to see them regularly and remember those feelings.

How long it takes time to manifest your desire?

You may attract your goal very fast. Sometimes you need to send these feelings again for a longer period of time. The best is doing this for a month. It depends on your mind’s circumstances and boundaries that need to be replaced with these feelings. For example, if you think you have worked hard for many years, but cannot attract your dream job, then you need more time to be able to release your new potential.

How did this meditation help me to manifest my dream job?

I did this for thirty days to get my dream job. What I experienced with these 30 days exercise was different feelings every day. In the first days, I completely experience the moment that I get the news that I have the job, and felt all those happiness. In the days after that, my feeling was strong that I had the job already, and my feeling was on other issues about how I am doing that job and how I enjoy being with my colleagues. 

So, do not force yourself to do this exercise, but try to do it with a certain enthusiasm. I was eagerly waiting for these ten minutes of my meditation because I could experience new pleasant feelings each time.

Do not force yourself to do this exercise, but do it with a certain enthusiasm.

How did I synchronize my feeling to manifest a healthier body?

I also used this technique to improve my health condition.

I had strange belly pain for a year that no doctors could find a reason for it. It is true that it is hard to feel that I had perfect health, but when I had pain every day.

First of all, my belly pain was not there all the time. So I chose hours for this meditation that my pain was low, or once I had no pain.

Second, when I closed my eyes to feel that I am completely healthy, I always tried to remember the feeling of being healthy in the 1-2 years before that I could eat everything that I like without facing belly pain after that.

I used this technique to improve my health condition by remembering all those feelings before my sickness.
Your emotions are the signal, frequency, and energy that you emit to the outside world.
Your emotions are the signal, frequency, and energy that you emit to the outside world.

Watch my video to find more about synchronizing your feelings and emotions with your desires if you want to manifest them.

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